CJeS Smacks down Netizens for Spreading Defamatory Rumors About JYJ

CJeS apparently had to smackdown a few netizens who posted libelous rumors about JYJ online.

According to translated reports, CJeS (the company who works with JYJ) posted a notice on their website warning against spreading “malicious posts” about the trio.

“If any of our CJeS artists find damage in those malicious and defaming posts that contain false information, we will report them to the cyber police and take legal action,” the statement read.

According to CJeS, they have already filed more than 20 successful complaints against people this year who were spreading slanderous information on JYJ.

More from CJeS:

“We have already filed successful lawsuits against over 20 netizens this year alone, which caused them to meet legal consequences. For minors, parents were notified and they were required to sign memorandums.

We have recently sued many netizens once again for making slanderous posts on DC Inside, which hurt JYJ and the fans who love JYJ. If those kinds of posts continue to be made, we will report them to the cyber police and take legal action.”

What those slanderous statements are exactly, we’re not sure.  But apparently it was enough to draw the ire of CJeS — who is at least partly responsible for maintaining the good reputation of JYJ.

Some fans were suspicious that haters sympathetic to SME, JYJ’s former company, may be behind some of the slanderous statements.  

Last week, JYJ decided to let SM off the hook on the remaining financial issues they had with the company, thus, bringing an end to the legal case against SM.  

Though the Courts had earlier made decisions in JYJ’s favor, after a judge change, the court refused to bring down the final hammer on SM and forced the two parties into an endless loop of mediation meetings which could have gone on well into 2013.

Some observers speculated at the time that the Court didn’t want to rule against SM and the only way for this case to go away was to force one side to give in by constantly pushing off the release of a final decision.

JYJ had already won court decisions declaring that SM essentially engaged in unfair business practices with its exclusivity contract, and all but directly called the contract ridiculous for its dictatorial clauses and incredibly lopsided profit splits.

Through this entire legal process, JYJ was consistently met with unknown assholes taking to the internet to criticize the trio for standing up for themselves. And CJeS was apparently keeping watch.

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