junsujunho01 donbanger

Happy Birthday to Junsu!

junsujunho01 donbanger

Its Junsu’s and Junho’s birthday already?! Oh my god, sun! The adorable-and-sexy-at-the-same-damn-time, caramel-voiced SuSu and his fraternal twin brother Junho both turn 26 this year.


Junsu has won many awards for both his music and stage acting, often breaking ticket sales records when he appears.  Aside from being a performer, and like his fellow JYJ members, he is also a composer and lyricist.

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The muscular, tall and handsome Junho  is also a writer and performer in his own right; even helping his brother compose music for Junsu’s solo project Tarantallegra.   He’s really got that ‘grown-and-sexy’ look down!

junsujunho03 copy


Happy Birthday to Junsu and Junho!

I hope you have many more wonderful and beautiful birthdays to come!


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