JYJ Park Yoochun’s music video for his  soundtrack for the drama “Miss Ripley” has been released. Recently,  “Miss Ripley” released the music video fo the song “This Vacant Place  For You” on their website. This music video showed the appearance of  Park Yoochun displaying all his utmost love towards Lee Da Hae.

In particular, oen of the scenes in the  music video was of Park Yoochun playing the piano. Netizens who were  touched by this scene reacted by saying, “When hearing the song with the  video, it makes me cry even more” “It’s very disappointing to see it  finish” and other such reactions.

On the other hand, after Park Yoochun’s  song “This Vacant Place For You” was released, it has received a lot of  love by topping a number of real time charts.
Credit: kecyabulnt
Translation By: sharingyoochun.net



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