jaejoong 012

Jaejoong makes a radio show appearance

jaejoong 012
Despite the negative media in the midst of their lawsuit with SM Entertainment, JYJ member Jaejoong recently participated on the radio show SBS Power FM “Kim Chang Ryo’s Old School”. The appearance on the radio show makes it his first radio guesting for three years since the lawsuit against SM Entertainment began.

Apparently, Jaejoong has appeared as a surprise guest as he promoted his debut drama “Protect The Boss” on SBS. Despite only being able to guest on the show for ten minutes, Jaejoong has shared details of his activities, as well as JYJ’s.

While on the radio show, Jaejoong revealed that, “It has been a long time and although i have short time to talk, I wanted to greet everyone listening to this radio broadcast and please support “Protect the Boss”. Further adding that, “Right now, we are preparing for an album but the release date has not been confirmed yet. However, we will make our best and come with great music.”

He also got the chance to talk about his compositions, his new role in a drama and as a director from JYJ’s world tour.

While on the same, fans who have discovered his surprise guest appearances immediately left numerous messages on the radio station’s web boards. Further expressing their happiness of being able to hear Jaejoong guest on radio shows, despite the negative media.

Source: BaiduTVXQ and Soompi

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