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Incheon Asian Games Soaked in Controversy After JYJ Diss

After pulling the same sh!t on JYJ as other cowardly Korean organizations and entertainment shows, the Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee (IAGOC) has come under massive fire by outraged international fans of the supergroup.

The South Korean based group JYJ has been bravely fighting against an asinine, childish, backwoods vendetta towards them for speaking the truth about the antiquated, slavish Korean entertainment system.

Triangle Fanmeeting Makes News, Draws Thousands of Fans to Korea

There was a fanmeeting for Jaejoong in celebration of the Korean drama ‘Triangle’ on June 22.  According to reports, some 2,000 fans alone came from Japan to Korea just for the event.  

Triangle tells the story of 3 brothers separated during childhood where each of them ends up in totally different circumstances.  Jaejoong’s character, Young Dal  Heo, becomes a street thug and generally all around hated guy.

The drama has benefited from the maturity of Jaejoong’s acting skills, as his comfort and ability to express himself has improved with every drama he’s in.

Jaejoong: Triangle is last Drama Before Mandatory Military Enlistment

As if we needed a reminder, singer/songwriter/actor Jaejoong spoke about how later this year he has to enlist in the military to serve his mandatory 2 years of service like every other healthy male South Korean citizen.

Jaejoong and Triangle cast members were at a press conference to promote the new drama April 30 (Seoul, South Korea time). South Korea is still reeling from the ferry boat tragedy, so the cast was dressed in all black wearing yellow ribbon pins to show respect.

The exact time and area of deployment is yet to be finalized though, but he and group members Junsu and Yoochun (JYJ) all plan to release another project before Jaejoong is set to enlist.