Fan: Manly even when you’re joking, sexy and romantic Yunho~ my style ^-^
YH: I am my style too~ my style is just like me! Keke its the same no matter whether I’m driving or talking on the phone~

Fan: Manly even when you’re joking, sexy and romantic Yunho is ambitious U HUHU~
YH: Ke~!!! Saying I’m ambitious… U HU T

Fan: I… am going to China for my studies in the later half of this year, I can’t take it anymore… T_T T_T… the tears are flowing out soon…
YH: Don’t give up even when you’re there… hwaiting~!! That’s the way~!!

Fan: I want to spend time with you under the clear Korean sky ^–^ This is the thought that I want to send to you, do you know??
YH: Its been sent safely^–^ I’ve received it~!! KK

Fan: The thing that I never regretted in my life was becoming oppas’ fan ^^ I’ll always support you guys, love you guys
CM: Thank you ^^

Fan: Me! Me! (T/N: Fan is trying to imitate the group gag they did on Music Station, I think) Oppas all raised your hands like you wanted to say something ke. So cute.
CM: Hahaha ^^

Fan: T_T T_T I’m having night study now… there’s big trouble, nothing’s going into my brain T_T T_T oppa must be very good in studies right?
CM: ^^

Fan: My eyes and footsteps follow only them
CM: It’s like there’s a place they are headed…
[Fan has a picture of TVXQ as her display picture]

Fan: I’m heading off for the No-makeup Beauty Pageant… Praise me a little!!!
CM: You can do it! You can do it! (T/N: The second “you can do it” was written in English 8D)

Fan: Ah that Shim kid over there!! How about going for a glass of carrot juice with me? Kekekeke

Fan: Changmin-oppa is so annoying… surviving on in life is getting tiring for me, what should I do!! T_T T_T ke!
CM: Saying your life is becoming so-and-so because of me, they’re all excuses…Haha

Fan: I’m asking you, what should I do when I can’t seem to survive on anymore? Hurry up and give me a reply!!
CM: …… Don’t think so simply..

Fan: Ke… Refuse to answer me…? T_T T_T ke… so sad… T_T T_T
CM: YO I refuse to answer!! Haha

(Believe it or not, the previous 5 messages were sent by the same fan)

Fan: What’s SICK Chang’s secret to being SICK?
CM: Its that I am me…

Fan: Oppa, I am transparent right? Obviously I am… aren’t I? T_T T_T I am really going to cry T_T T_T ah~~~~~~ T_T
CM: You aren’t transparent~

(The next 3 are from the same fan ^^)

Fan: I’ll be really surprised if you don’t give me a reply, I’ll fly to Japan if you do reply. Give me a reply which I don’t want to see.
CM: Have you got a VISA? ^^

Fan: Actually, I’ve heard oppas’ songs and they’re really nice. Your CD will definitely sell well, I am going to buy it as soon as it comes out.
CM: ^^ Thank you very much ^^

Fan: Oppa, marry me. I will cook for you 16 times a day.
CM: I don’t eat that much~

Fan: I really, really like you. I also like the things that you do.
CM: ^^ I like myself too~

Fan: Oppa is probably the only one who will give me such sound advice, I really like oppa a lot. Go out with me!!
CM: Don’t want~

Fan: I won’t capture you for eating if you give me this hat as a present!
CM: I don’t have that~

Fan: I am going to swim to Japan keke wait there for me!!
CM: You’d be entering the country illegally…

Fan: I’m very perfect. Very perfect. (Fan has a picture of Changmin as her display picture)
CM: ^^

Fan: Look at this, look at my message now. You’re replying right?
CM: ;

Fan: There’s a face hidden deep in your heart~~eh? What is the next step? What are you going to do? >-<
CM: What do you want me to do?

(Seriously, the next ten messages are to the same fan. Luck girl.)

Fan: What are you doing now!! Are you busy?? ~~ Contact me quickly when you see this alright?? OK?? Miss you guys~ love you
CM: Thank you ^^
CM: And, you will need to do something to achieve your dream… there’ll only be answers like this.
(T/N: He replied twice coz the fan sent the same mesage twice -.-”)

Fan: Ah honestly does oppa know? Its a secret, I’m in the second year of high school kekeke
CM: Really? What a shocking secret ah~

Fan: But its really strange! I sent so many UFOs but other than Changmin and Yunho oppa.. What are the others doing? T_T
CM: Flew away on a UFO?> Haha

Fan: Why are you only reading my message? All these need money~ students are poor, oppa you know that right??
CM: ^^ The photo is very nice? ^^

Fan: Oppa, this is me, pretty right?
CM: Very pretty~ must be selling well right?

Fan: Tell me about some good Japanese words you’ve picked up recently
CM: Dong Cuisine

Fan: Why doesn’t Jaejoong oppa have hidden cameras?? Changmin oppa has done it twice already!! Why don’t you do it??
CM: Hahahahaha

Fan: I feel very blessed every day with you around. Even if you guys are in a faraway place, there’s one thing we know for sure: that we will always wait for you.
CM: Thank you ^^

Fan: I like Survivor a lot, I’m listening to it many times, really want to be able to buy it as soon as possible
CM: ^^ Thank you ^^

(Following same message from same fan was sent seven time, all of which CM replied to o.O)

Fan: I’m in my first year of High School now, its hard to get to sleep T_T Say something to all the high school students in the country to encourage us!! fighting!!!
CM: Ke… ^^ you must keep going^^ Actually, everything is filled with hope..
CM: Studying… to a student, actually only studying is required of a student.
CM: Studying and working hard now is for the sake of your future
CM: Generally speaking, time spent as a student is what makes the basis/foundation for life in future
CM: Work hard ah… ^^ If you have any dreams… studying or anything… work hard towards that direction…
CM: Think about it seriously… think hard and come to a conclusion
CM: Work hard for the sake of learning and for the sake of all other things.. ^^ A ZA!!

Credits: ohmicky.com
Translations by: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Please takeout with full credits



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