Junsu UFO replies June 9 2009

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Fan: Anticipating today’s performance~
Junsu: Only anticipating today’s performance~ (*_*)

Fan: Aiya!! Don’t say Junsu-kun!! I got received Junsu-kun’s UFO!!
Junsu: Thank you~T_T~ help me beat up ChangMin this brat—- hahahaha

Fan: It’s said that Cassiopeia is Dong Bang, then Dong Bang is?
Junsu: Of course it’s Cassiopeia.. ^^

Fan: How to get such big thighs ahh T_T please tell me the secrets huhu
Junsu: So embarrassing:: T_T It’s thicker now compare to that time keke

Fan: Junsu oppa. . . Confirm will reply right?. .
Junsu: Though not looking forward to it but gave you this feeling of getting a reply kekeke^^

Fan: Compare to food I like TVXQ better
Junsu: Then starting now you can’t eat ^^

Fan: Our Junsu is too cute! Because of what you’re that cute ah?
Junsu: Because of you hehe^^

Fan: Yunho oppa and Junsu oppa, who is in charge of charisma~??? Eu kyang kyang
Junsu: I am the invisible inner charisma …………

Fan: I really miss JaeJoong ah T_T 555555 How to deal with missing him? Teach me please
Junsu: Go to NAVER and type YoungWoong JaeJoong…………… ^^

Fan: Oppa, after eating so many messages must be full right?!
Junsu: Happy till my stomach’s gonna explode soon^^

Please take out with full credits.
Credits : TVXQbaidu
translation: crazee@TVXQfever.blogspot.com

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