Changmin UFO Replies

Changmin UFO Replies (March 24 – May 5 2009)
: Tour is about the start 🙂 Our members…must finish it healthy as ever! Hwaiting! (>_<)

ChangMin : Thank you^^ Now go to sleep

Fan : Oppa!! Keke do you still remember this hat~~??
ChangMin : Ah! This hat!
*fan’s avatar is ChangMin wearing a pink hat

(all 3 replies below are from the same person)
Fan : Don’t you wanna marry me oppa? Keke Then sign the marriage certificate!
ChangMin: I want to do neither. hahaha

Fan: Introduce this person to me oppa keke
ChangMin: Go find him yourself.
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan: Oppa behind you!
ChangMin : What

Fan : This is oppa when oppa was still young kekeke
ChangMin : I still am haha
*fan’s avatar is Min during HiYaYa days

Fan : This is my man. Isn’t he cute?^^ He’s so cute when he smiles
ChangMin : Really?^^;
*fan’s avatar is Min

Fan : Oppa! What does “MAX” mean?
ChangMin : What do you think it means?

Translated by choco@TVXQFever
Please take out with full credits.
Credits : ohmicky +

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