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Yoochun and Junsu Appear at Opening Ceremony for JYJ Membership Week

Yoochun and Junsu held it down Thursday during the opening ceremony of JYJ Membership Week in South Korean. Jaejoong had just finished a 3 day solo concert special in Yokohama, Japan and couldn’t attend.  Here’s a short interview with the two:

Q: How do you feel about opening your second exhibition?

Yuchun: This year is our second “MEMBERSHIP WEEK” and I am happy to see all of you. This is not simply an event. I hope that we’ll be able to connect with fans and gain lots of memories that we can cherish together.

Junsu: The second chapter of our “MEMBERSHIP WEEK” just started and I am also very glad that all of you could make it. Last year, a lot of the content were digital. This time, we took up the challenge of doing art and we really worked hard on it so I hope that it will mean a lot to our fans and that they will have fun.

Q: How was it actually painting and creating different type of artworks?

Junsu: A lot of people were suspicious to whether we actually made all the artwork ourselves. Just to make it clear, the three of us were trapped in a studio for two days with zero sleep to make the artwork you see here. I never finished a painting when I was a student. So I can say that it is my first artwork. I was worried at first that my work isn’t good. But after seeing them on display in frames, I feel really good about myself (laughs).

YuChun: I looked around with Junsu and I too, am personally happy about our work. I think that people will feel trifling happiness from them. We plan to sell the artwork through an auction and donate the profits to those in need. And anyone can be part of it.


Q: Is there new concept or something different in mind that you want to depict in your next exhibition?

Junsu: We came up with the idea of doing artwork through days and days of discussion and meetings. We came up with different ideas but we were concerned about how much we could actually put into practice. To be honest, we haven’t put a lot of thought into what we’ll do next. But what I can assure you is that I truly want to hold this exhibition next year and the year after that.

Yuchun: We met fans through concerts, tour, and fan meetings but we wanted to communicate with fans with new contents. I am so grateful for our fans flying in from overseas to see us and I hope we will get to share this happiness.


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