Jaejoong is ‘Mine’, New Rock Video and Song

JaejoongMineMV 01dongbanger

Wow. From the ‘why-the-hell-haven’t-you-been-doing-this-all-along’ file, comes the release of Jaejoong’s (JYJ) brand new video for the rock song titled ‘Mine’.  Its dark, sleek, fantastical, pro-level, and shows Jaejoong’s obvious talent for rock.

Jaejoong’s voice loves rock the way Junsu’s voice loves RnB.  His voice has a way of growing wings (hint,hint) and taking flight specifically when he’s steeped in the genre.  

‘Mine’ has interesting imagery which seems to fit Jaejoong a little too perfectly.  When he finally breaks the chain which has been holding him back, I couldn’t help but to think of their professional struggles in their home country of South Korea.

JaejoongMineMV 02dongbangerJaejoongMineMV 03dongbanger copyJaejoongMineMV 04dongbangerJaejoongMineMV 05dongbanger

In short, I love it not because its Jaejoong’s video, but because its another sign that the members of JYJ are constantly improving and finding ways to express their musical voices like they’ve never done before.

Just watch the video! NOW.  
(Make sure you’re viewing the CJeS uploaded video at youtube so your view can be counted):



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