Jaejoong, CJeS advertise for Upcoming Solo Projects and Fanmeeting

Was that Jaejoong’s face on the side of that bus?? Why, yes it is!  One of the ways Jaejoong is advertising his upcoming solo concert and fanmeeting is with ads which move all over the place.

CJeS, the agency working for JYJ, announced they have began their advertising campaign for Jaejoong’s solo project, mini concert and fanmeeting.

The concert sold out in seconds and reportedly crashed the ticket website’s servers.

“We put on advertisements on billboards all over Seoul, various websites, etc,” said CJeS.


Jaejoong has already released the rock ballad “One Kiss” all over Asia, much to the extreme delight of his fans (and myself) who have been hoping… wishing… and praying that he would sing more rock music.

The song immediately jumped to the #1 spot on several incredibly popular music sites in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, including taking the #1 spot on the iTunes Rock charts in 9 countries.

Jaejoong is 1/3 of the group JYJ — which split off from the 5 member mega group TVXQ — who spoke out against the totalitarian-style of their former management company. 

What makes it all the more remarkable is that JYJ is still fighting against South Korean’s antiquated, old-world-style entertainment system which punishes anyone who doesn’t obey the system’s overlords (the heads of the big entertainment agencies).

JYJ’s court case revealed ridiculous terms like the completely lopsided profit splits, non-payment  for certain services, 13 year slave contracts, and a slew of other major problems which caused South Korean officials to initiate multiple investigations.  

The system is far from perfect, but because of JYJ, newer artists are coming into the South Korean entertainment business under more favorable conditions than when TVXQ was formed.  And some current artists saw an immediate improvement, however slight it may be, in their contracts.

Despite those setbacks, the members are going forward and drawing an enormous amount of interest for their projects, like Jaejoong’s upcoming concert, fanmeeting and solo project.

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