Jaejoong’s Friends Show Support for his New Mini Album

Jaejoong’s celebrity friends are showing support for his new and highly anticipated mini album which was just released.

Former member of the group F.Cuz, Lee U, posted a pic on his twitter account which shows himself, Jin Yihan, Seungwoo, and Seo Inwo holding up Jaejoong’s album.

According to translated reports, Lee U also praised Jaejoong’s “classy and cool” cover.

They all got together over the released of Jaejoong’s album.

His friends twitter handles are:
Along with editor and music writer @nohjy

Jin Yihan, who played Jaejoong’s (Kyung Tak) best friend in the drama “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, tweeted using Jaejoong’s character’s name: “Wish you great success Kyungtakkie.. hehe”

@LUsyndrome joked, “We’re members of Jaejoong fanclub”.   He also posted, “GET Jaejoong-ie hyung’s album!!!! As expect of my hyung~ Fabulous ?? Buy buy everyone ~~!!!!”

@Tonyhong1004 posted, “Please love our Jaejungie’s new album a lot and even the MV is daebak daebak. Jaejung is the best.”

@faceinmusic posted, “My brother!!! Wish you success!!!”

Meanwhile, over half a million people have viewed Jaejoong’s new rock video, “Mine” since it was uploaded yesterday.


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