Jaejoong’s celebrity friends are showing support for his new and highly anticipated mini album which was just released.

Former member of the group F.Cuz, Lee U, posted a pic on his twitter account which shows himself, Jin Yihan, Seungwoo, and Seo Inwo holding up Jaejoong’s album.

According to translated reports, Lee U also praised Jaejoong’s “classy and cool” cover.

They all got together over the released of Jaejoong’s album.

His friends twitter handles are:
Along with editor and music writer @nohjy

Jin Yihan, who played Jaejoong’s (Kyung Tak) best friend in the drama “Timeslip Dr. Jin”, tweeted using Jaejoong’s character’s name: “Wish you great success Kyungtakkie.. hehe”

@LUsyndrome joked, “We’re members of Jaejoong fanclub”.   He also posted, “GET Jaejoong-ie hyung’s album!!!! As expect of my hyung~ Fabulous ?? Buy buy everyone ~~!!!!”

@Tonyhong1004 posted, “Please love our Jaejungie’s new album a lot and even the MV is daebak daebak. Jaejung is the best.”

@faceinmusic posted, “My brother!!! Wish you success!!!”

Meanwhile, over half a million people have viewed Jaejoong’s new rock video, “Mine” since it was uploaded yesterday.


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