JYJ Suing Media Outlet ‘Dispatch’ Over Sasaeng Report?


Woah, what’s this?  Breaking reports say JYJ has filed a civil suit against a media outlet named ‘Dispatch’ for defamation and invasion of privacy.

If that name is familiar, it should be.  ‘Dispatch’ is the media outlet that published an article alleging some members behaved violently against random fans.  

Part of that report included edited audio of an alleged confrontation where Jaejoong supposedly appeared highly upset and was yelling a what Dispatch claimed was a regular fan.

These types of ‘fans’ turned out to be sasaeng, also known as a$$holes to some of us.  

These a$$holes regularly invade the members’ privacy, follow them around, and sometimes put their lives in danger by trying to cause car accidents just so they can meet the members.

The Dispatch report was released as JYJ were on their way to South America to perform 2 sold out concerts in Chile and Peru; the first time ever for a solo Korean group.

As discussed at dongbanger.com back in March, not only was the recording made without JYJ’s knowledge, but Dispatch also didn’t seem interested in why Jaejoong (or any other member) was upset with whomever they were allegedly talking to on the recording.

According to the fans who saw Dispatch’s report, the news outlet portrayed Jaejoong, especially, as a bully; like he was cussing out a fan for no reason.

Back in March, Sejong — the attorneys representing JYJ — said the file was illegally recorded. Here’s the quote:

“The file was illegally recorded. Releasing the file without confirming it with the party involved is considered defamation and an invasion of privacy.”

The company handling management of JYJ, cJeS, also released a statement where they called the Dispatch report “malicious” with the intent to publicly harm JYj.   From the translated report:

” ‘Dispatch’ published these malicious articles specifically to harm the members of JYJ. We have decided to take legal actions because we could no longer sit and watch these defamatory articles.

… We have already prepared the documentations needed to sue for libel and will submit it to the court sometime today. The members of JYJ are still trying to recover from Park Yoo Chun’s father’s passing, and we simply cannot understand why anyone would want to release such things during this time.”

JYj responded to Dispatch’s report by lifting the veil on the terrible existence of sasaengs, something international fans knew almost nothing about at the time.

Among other things, JYJ revealed that they have been stalked and groped by sasaengs.  Here’s an excerpt from  JYJ’s statement released a the time:

“Our lives began to fall apart as we would be groped, touched, and defiled every moment of the day. We, as humans, should at least be able to ask for a bare minimum standard of living, but instead we are forced to live in indescribable pain.”

On a sidenote, if you remember, JYJ kinda got into this a little bit when they were still part of TVXQ and appeared on a show called ‘Happy Together’.  

On the show, they described how each member had a body part fans would target if those types of fans could get close enough to touch the members.  It was amusing at the time, but in retrospect, it takes on a whole other meaning.  

But the groping issue was only the tip of the iceberg.  The members’ private phones were hacked and their cars had GPS trackers placed on them so their every move was monitored.

JYJ members have also had their homes broken in to where these sasaengs would steal from them or creepily take photos of them while they were asleep.

From the report (2):

JYJ’s Kim Junsu even stated “they use our identification to expose our private phone calls and also place GPS trackers on our cars to monitor our every move. There were instances of breaking and entering where fans would take pictures of us while sleeping, try to kiss us, and steal our private items. Some fans even hired taxis to collide into our cars to see us in person.”

None of this information was in Dispatch’s report.  Dispatch’s story reportedly portrayed JYJ as uncivil human beings who treat their real fans badly.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There was even speculation JYJ’s former agency, SM Entertainment, was in some way involved in the release of, or the pushing of, the report due to the suspicious timing of its release.  

Some fans still feel as if SM or those connected to SM, may have played some type of role in the Dispatch story.

Twitter was lit up with posts about this issue, at the time.

bellaZulaikhaZ wrote, “Wow saeseng fans are scary as hell.. Stalking our boys everywhere they go? Don’t you have a life? Please stop it.. You’re hurting them!”

___djb___ wrote “It’s a shame that Korea does not acknowledge the need for better mental health support in their country.”

Cecilia9095 wrote, “@mjjeje For someone who unselfishly gives happiness to others and protects his dongsaengs, we fans will do our best too!”

luna paramita wrote, “@mjjeje Dear Jae, no matter what, you’ll always have us (the real Fans). Let’s bear it all together. Love u guys forever. JYJ Fighting!!”

linhda_ism wrote, “JYJ should not have apologized. The only thing that they should be sorry about is being sorry to those mental patients.”

fathiah wrote, “I tell you what, JYJ deserve an APOLOGY from those SASENG CRIMINALS!!! those SASENGS will think they are innocent & keep doing it AGAIN!!”

xlodvnava posted, “My heart is breaking for JYJ.. And to all the idols and hallyu stars…. Being famous is not good in some ways. God bless them.”

And many more.

As part of JYJ’s statement back in March, the members said:

“In the future we will think about those who love us whenever we are facing situations which are mentally difficult and will try to act more responsibly. Because of those who support us through the pain we go through, we will try not to break down again.”

The 100 Million Won lawsuit against Dispatch was filed Aug 1 in Seoul Central District Court.   A final decision or verdict in the case of JYJ v SM is expected Aug 10, unless SM seeks yet another delay.


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