JYJ fans were sad to learn Yoochun deactivated his Twitter account and speculation was all over the place.

According to the media friendly explanation, a representative for Yoochun told OSEN that he deleted the account because he couldn’t spend a lot of time posting to it.

The rep said it bothered Yoochun to know fans were “waiting for him to update his Twitter” but that he couldn’t “reply back”.  Here’s the full quote:

“In his fans point of view, this was a ‘sudden’ move, and I think that is why a lot of misunderstandings came up.

He did not delete his Twitter for any particular reason. He has been neglecting his Twitter after opening it so I think that troubled him. Many fans are waiting for him to update his Twitter and send him many mentions, but he can’t reply back daily so he decided it would be better to deactivate his Twitter rather than continue to neglect it.

His reason for deactivating his Twitter is not because he developed a personal problem nor is it because he had a change of heart.”

Someone should tell Yoochun that the fans value any type of contact, however infrequent it may be.  There are hundreds of thousands of non Korean fans whose only access to express their affection directly is through Twitter messages.

This reason supposedly puts to rest the speculation that there is a serious reason why Yoochun closed his account.

Twitter fans were vocal about this issue.
TVXQJYJ_LOVE posted “@mjjeje  Jaejoong please tell yoochun how much we love him….. I feel frustrated because of yoochun’s twitter I always support JYJ”

nyuuna posted “??????????? yoochun? twitter?? whaaat?? whyyyyy?????????????”


rawritscristy wrote “I have high hopes that JYJ will be back on regular TV so it’s all good. Yoochun doesn’t have to be burdened with a Twitter 🙂 “

Onetruefive posted “I hope Yoochun will reactivate his account and JYJ will still be here on twitter when Yunho and Changmin made their own accounts..”

NappeunMaknae wrote “Yoochun ! I dont mind if you didn’t tweet !!! “

And many more.

Some fans are suspicious that maybe there really is another reason why he left and are expressing anger at sasaeng (stalkers) who have been harassing not just Yoochun but a number of famous Koreans.

Though sasaengs may not be the reason why Yoochun closed his Twitter account, they are drawing fire from many real fans who are upset.  

Some loser sasaeng(s) even installed video monitoring equipment in the parking garage where Yoochun parks his car, so its not a stretch for them to jump that  conclusion.

But alas, Yoochun’s people say sasaengs have nothing to do with his decision.  Let’s all hope so.

Yoochun has had a wonderful and a terrible year so far.  His outstanding work in the drama Rooftop Prince drew praise from all around, while his endorsement deals have increased the sales of everything for which he’s made a commercial.

However, he and his brother Yoohwan had to deal with the terrible loss of their father who reportedly passed away after a long illness while Yoochun was in another country.

Fans have been worried about Yoochun’s emotional state, even though he has shown himself to be a tough and capable young man.

Let’s all respect Yoochun’s decision to exit Twitter and look forward to his Asian fan meeting tour beginning in Shanghai August 25.  Dates have also been scheduled for Taiwan and Thailand.

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