Does SM have a connection to Dispatch, the Internet media outlet which JYJ are Suing for Defamation?


Those of you who were suspicious about the timing of a defamatory report released by ‘Dispatch’ — as JYJ were on their way to South America to preform 2 sold out concerts in Chile and Peru — may have been correct.

Today a translated article was posted concerning the relationship between JYJ’s former management company (SM Entertainment), and the internet media company which accused JYJ members of being abusive towards their fans (‘Dispatch’).

According to South Korean fans, Dispatch is supposedly known to have ties to SM.

“Korean netizens have tagged Dispatch as SM’s advertising medium,” the translated article reads.

In addition, observers of Dispatch have reportedly noticed an almost complete lack of controversial articles by ‘Dispatch’ for any of the South Korean stars managed by SM.

This whole ‘Dispatch’-created controversy happened when the media outlet published a story making allegations against members of JYJ; specifically Jaejoong and Yoochun.  They released what turned out to be an edited audio recording where Jaejoong is supposedly saying harsh things to what ‘Dispatch’ labeled a “fan”.

As posted here earlier, JYJ released a statement about what may have caused the upsetting confrontation and are currently suing Dispatch for defamation.  

Dispatch made the implication that it was a regular fan to whom Jaejoong was talking.  However, that person may have been a ‘sasaeng’.

Sasaengs are people who regularly invade the members’ privacy, follow them around, record them and randomly put their lives in danger by trying to cause car accidents in hopes of meeting the members.  A report released back in March at the time talked about the creepy actions of these type of people.  

From that translated report:
“JYJ’s Kim Junsu even stated “they use our identification to expose our private phone calls and also place GPS trackers on our cars to monitor our every move. There were instances of breaking and entering where fans would take pictures of us while sleeping, try to kiss us, and steal our private items. Some fans even hired taxis to collide into our cars to see us in person.”

Jaejoong apparently got fed up with something this person (the one recording him) did or was doing to him.  That is, if the audio tape was authenticated.

What we don’t yet know are the actions of the person making the recording and if that person insulted/stalked Jaejoong with the sole purpose of recording a negative reaction from him.

‘Dispatch’ didn’t seem interested in why Jaejoong (or any other member) was upset with whomever he was talking to on the recording.  Nor was it apparent from ‘Dispatch’s report that the members of JYJ had been stalked or harassed by sasaeng.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think Dispatch reported anything about the existence of sasaeng in connection to their anti-JYJ story.  The first time I heard about ‘sasaeng’ was from JYJ’s statement, which was then confirmed by their fans and the fans of other stars who also knew about the existence of possessive sasaeng stalkers.

As stated previously,  JYJ is suing Dispatch. cJeS, the company handling JYJ’s management, called the report “malicious”.  From that translated report:

” ‘Dispatch’ published these malicious articles specifically to harm the members of JYJ. We have decided to take legal actions because we could no longer sit and watch these defamatory articles.

… We have already prepared the documentations needed to sue for libel and will submit it to the court sometime today. The members of JYJ are still trying to recover from Park Yoo Chun’s father’s passing, and we simply cannot understand why anyone would want to release such things during this time.”

No doubt many observers of this case want to know whether ‘Dispatch’ will try to reach a settlement over this story or if any ties to SM Entertainment will be revealed as a result of the lawsuit.



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