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Jae dropped an ‘idol killer’ after finding out abt her past? The boy has grown up

 jaejoong 024
Yes Jaejoong has gotten to that age where he’s down for blind dates, yall.  Jaejoong is known to be blunt when it comes to interviews so I’m totally not surprised at him talking about blind dates.  But I’m also thrilled that he’s out of that “pretty hands” phase. (More about that point later)

Jae told the interviewer that he had been on a blind date twice but he found out she got around… I mean, round and round, up and down.  Turns out homegirl makes it a habit of dating one famous guy after another.

When Jae found out about it, he cut-out with the quickness.  He probably knows what those kinds of women are all about.  But what probably caused him to drop her ass like a bad habit must have been when he found out she went out with some of his close FRIENDS… plural.

Here’s his full translated quote:

“I have [been on a blind date] twice. We didn’t make it official, though. After we went out on a date, I found out she was an ‘idol killer’. She had gone out with a member of a famous idol group, and she continued dating one idol after another. She was really pretty, nice, had a nice personality, and was also well off. But after I found out [about her past] I ended it completely and didn’t see her again. Friendship comes first for me, and I found out she had gone out with some of my close friends. Those friends had been fooled as well.”

Daaayum.  He actually used the word “fooled” (according to the translation).  Nobody would ever accuse Jae of NOT being blunt.  Normally in interviews with some other famous Korean idols, they always try to sugar coat things like this.  But by now, we all know how Jae is.  

Reportedly the cJeS rep who was with Jae during the interview seemed “uneasy”. LOL! I bet.

What I liked most is that good boy Jaejoong is showing his maturity.  He admitted in the interview that he used to “judge” girls based on their appearance.  He is notorious for being attracted, first, to a girl’s hands.  Not anymore.

He said what’s most important is for her to have a good attitude, and that he wants to find someone who can “really become my woman”. The full quote:

“I don’t know. I think I’ll have to meet more women to find out. I don’t really want to date, and I think I need to find someone that can really become my woman. I want a girl that will only look at me… When I was younger, I used to judge girls based on appearance but now I don’t think that matters. It’s more important for her to have a good attitude”


I was hoping he would grow out of that ‘pretty hand’ thing too because pretty hands doesn’t mean she’s not crazy… or a golddigger… or an ‘idol killer’.

Let’s hope Jaejoong finds someone who is strong enough to love him… even if he was some guy working in a restaurant and not one of the hottest celebrities in all of Asia (and increasingly outside Asia).

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