Junsu, who is in Germany as part of his solo world tour, commented about the closing of the legal battle between JYJ and SM Entertainment (SM).

According to translated reports, the singer/songwriter heard the news on the day he was scheduled to fly to Germany.  

At a press conference in Germany to promote his concert, he is quoted as saying, “I heard the news on the day I left for Germany. The long legal case that had gone on for three years and four months suddenly came to an end. When the agreement was reached, I felt that those three years and four months weren’t spent for nothing.”

Junsu said he can’t say much about it and plans to talk over the situation with his fellow members of JYJ once he gets back to South Korea.

He also mentioned his sadness at not being able to “greet anyone as TVXQ” and reiterated the fact that JYJ’s problem was with SM, not TVXQ.

“We fought with the unfairness of the company; we didn’t file a lawsuit because we wanted to abandon our title as TVXQ or because we wanted to leave the team. I’m very sorry to our fans, but I believe they will never forget the five years we were active under the name of TVXQ,”  Junsu explained.

Junsu also still holds on to a bit of hope the 5 member TVXQ would someday perform again, saying “This is [a vague dream], but I do believe that if the day comes when I can stand onstage under the name of TVXQ again, that will be the most emotional and happy day.”

The news broke the other day of an end to the legal battle between JYJ and SM, which is after recent reports that SM’s profits were way down and an insider at least partially blamed the now 2 member duo TVXQ’s concert production costs.

Both sides agreed to drop all lawsuits against each other, although JYJ had already won several court decisions including the main one declaring the contract between itself and SM to be an unfair contract.  

Essentially, in my opinion, members of JYJ were in an indentured servitude type of situation where almost every move was dictated to by SM.  JYJ had no outside representation to look after their own financial interests and their personal schedules, sleeping habits, profit splits, intellectual property, and work decisions were all controlled by SM

During the course of this case, the Seoul District Court also dismissed both injunctions SM was seeking against JYJ and issued a decision whereby SM would have to pay JYJ a fee of $20M WON for each time they interfered with the groups public activities.

Throughout the court proceedings, SM kept dragging its feet in handing over financial documents to the court and delaying witness appearances.

The Court doesn’t get off scott free in this story, though.  The Court could have long ago made a final decision in this case, but kept sending the parties to mediation, probably in hopes that they wouldn’t have to make the decision.  

As expressed in an earlier post, the people who may be the happiest about this ending is SM because they’ve essentially gotten away with not having to fully reveal the possibly shady accounting records showing where the money generated by the 5 member TVXQ went for all those years.

Here’s to hoping the scared punks at avex and Korean broadcasting get over themselves and stop trying to come up with excuses for keeping JYJ off the air.

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