The members of JYJ are on their way to Chile and their fans have been waiting on them.  Some fans are even sleeping in the airport after initially coming out but had to come up with this Plan B because of flight delays.

No doubt the fans are hype to def for JYJ’s concert scheduled for Friday March 9 at the Teatro Caupolic√°n in Santiago, Chile.



Before their arrival, Chile fans crowded the airport and even engaged in flashmobs, dancing to JYJ’s music.

(Make sure you check out the fanboys too)

After the Chile concert, they head to Peru for a March 11 performance at the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental arena.

JYJ has set a  record in ticket sales in Peru.  According to a translated report, JYJ basically said they had no idea how many people knew of them in Peru.

“We are sincerely thankful for this. We know that it must not be easy to be a fan of singers from so far away,” the report says.

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