JYJ interview with El Comercio:

Your Visit to Lima will be remembered for its record sales in ticket. Did you anticipate this?
In reality, we did not anticipate this. I mean, we are from from a country far from yours and it will be our first time there. Obviously, we never could have imagined this would happen. It has been a pleasent surprise to know that we are welcome in South America  and we are very thankful for such. Recently, we had seen a Puerivan television program interviewing our fans there. It really touched us. We are sincerely thankful for this. We know that it must not be easy to be a fan of singers from so far away.

Have you heard or know anything about Peru?
We have heard that it is a great civilation of people that extends throughout all of South America and we were also told that the people are known to be happy, kind and passionate. Exotic dances come to mind.

I came to learn that you have perviously visited Brazil. What were your initial thoughts of our continent?
I felt the culture shock, but I enjoyed it. The people knoe how to truely enjoy life and were very kind. I became enthusiastic to learn I was returning to South America. We know that there are marvelous countries there, but unfortunately, we will only be able to visit two at this time.

Several girls have studied Korean in order to be able to understand your music. Have you considered returning the favor with a song in Spanish?
We definitely have. We we would like with this world tour to convey raw emotions and feelings. Just like our fans, we too have become interested in their culture and language.If we are given the opportunity, we will do it. But, in reality, we believe that we are currently not capable to do it well just yet.

You have recorded several songs in English. How important is the North American market to you?
We do not want to enter the US market. What I mean to say, when we thought about the US market, we thought of our followers there and the excellent artists there. What is important to is us is not the market as a whole, we only think about the ability to create amazing material and how much we can learn from the US.

Do you anticipate having the same success you had at the time you separated from TVXQ?
I think it would be more appropriate to say that we have separated from the company we were with at the time. TVXQ, as five members, will always be significant to us. When we separated from the company I spoke of, we thought that our careers had ended. To our fortune, that was not the case. There were many people who kept their love for the three of us that left and who wait for our return. It was them who motivated us to create even better music and better shows for our return.

Have you been working on new material?
During the second half of the year, we will be releasing a new album in English which will follow with a second world tour. The shows will have a completely different concept and vibe from this tour. In addition, each of us, have different  individuals schedules: Yoochun has been filming for his new tv drama “Crown Prince of Rooftop House”, Jaejoong was casted for an MBC drama and I have been working in a musical.

Have you considered translating that individuality in your music, as to say, creating solo careers as singers.
As of now, we only have plans as JYJ.

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Translated by: eternally_by_your_side of JYJ3
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