The Day JYJ Doc Tops Box Office (VID)

Tens of thousands of people flocked to see JYJ’s documentary ‘The Day’ despite it only being shown in 19 theaters in Korea.  To thank the fans, different members of JYJ made special surprise visits to certain theaters on opening day.

The doc follows the 3 members doing what they do, expressing their feelings and living their lives.

Despite the hateful way in which those who seemingly want to protect their power over Korean artists and entertainers have treated JYJ, their fans continue to show the financial pull of trio.

According to translated reports, the Korean Film Commission stated that 17.8% of all the tickets sold were for ‘The Day’.  This beat out ‘War With Crime’ (17%), ‘The Howling’ (12.2%) all other box office films.

After the deal with the craven CGV blew up (in CGV’s face by the way), Lotte Cinema stepped in and is apparently reaping the benefits of not turning its back on JYJ or their fans.

Fans who got to see JYJ in person at select theaters on opening day must also secretly be thanking (and opening cursing) QTV.  The documentary was originally made with cable channel QTV who later chickened out and canceled the broadcast.



Thanks to what some observers have called a bad decision, some lucky JYJ fans got to see the guys live and in person.

At one appearance, Jaejoong even took a few questions from the crowd.

Congrats to the guys.

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