I recently found out that Jin YiHan (last name, first name) has a birthday on Oct 10 2012.

Yihan plays Jaejoong’s best friend in Timeslip Dr. Jin.  The two became really close during the filming and set off the ‘yaoi meter’ of many fangirls who still seek to pair them up.


Yihan, whose real name is HyunJoong (yep) was reportedly born in 1978 (yeah!)  He’s been in the dramas Hooray for Love, All My Love, A Good Day for the Wind to Blow, and of course Timeslip Dr. Jin.

So Happy Birthday to the King of Puppy-dog Eyes, the Emperor of Sweet Stolen Glances, and the Ruler of Sad Longing Expressions.

Happy birthday to Jin Yi Han who is becoming grown and sexy at 34! (or 32 depending on your source! lol)




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