After ‘Dr. Jin’ ended, Jin Yihan is taking a rest. But nowadays, news articles relating to him often come up. Every tweet of JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong who was with Jin Yihan in the drama has become hot topic, two people’s every move therefore entered the headlines.

“Before ‘Dr. Jin ended, I have worked continuously without resting. I wanted to take a rest but didn’t know what to do. Just then, Jaejoong is also taking a break. So, we two meet almost everyday. We’re really compatible bosom-brothers. Jaejoong even told me to live together with half-and-half management fee splitting.

Jaejoong has once lived with SS501’s Kim Hyunjoong before. My real name is also Kim Hyunjoong. Jaejoong laughed a lot and said that he kept being intertwined with people named Hyunjoong.”

Credit: Starnews via Nate
Translated by Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Shared by: PrinceJJ



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