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SBS Pokes a Hornet’s Nest By Refusing to Broadcast Junsu’s Performance

junsu033 dongbanger 

SBS just poked the hornet’s nest by refusing to broadcast the performance by Xia Junsu at the National Para Games Opening Ceremony.

From what I’ve gathered so far, SBS used Junsu’s name and appearance at the live event to help promote it.  Then when he performed, they either cut the cameras or they purposely refused to broadcast his performance on air.

Needless to say, fans are beyond pissed off at this latest affront.  SBS supposedly used JYJ’s fans to help fill the venue and to make the event look like a success all while intending to keep Junsu off their air.

SBS is doing this while using the “ongoing legal battle” as an excuse.  The Court in Korea has now passed the decision making mark and seems to be dragging its feet on publicly announcing its decision for some reason.  

The Court has basically found the exclusive contract between JYJ and SM to be invalid and ruled that SM cannot interfere with JYJ’s activities while the lawsuit is ongoing.  The Court is forcing the two sides to come to a mutual agreement even though there have been multiple tries at arbitration.  

The Court announcing a final decision would end the legal battle and force these companies (SBS, KBS, MBC, etc) to either continue to unfairly blackball JYJ, or force them to allow JYJ access to the Korean airwaves.

With SBS’s latest bi+ch move in using Junsu to sell the event and cutting him off the broadcast, its another example — especially to international fans — of the backwards and antiquated system in Korea.  

The performance SBS wouldn’t show you:

Twitter has been on fire all day long with fans and observers alike calling SBS out on their bull$hit.  It has prompted fans to post fancams of that performance all over the place to make sure people see what SBS refused to let the rest of us see.

fantasticbaby95 wrote, “Was promoting Junsu only a way to get many people (cassies) in the venue and make it look like the concert was really a HUGE success?”

INAF_JYJ posted, “We Demand An Apology From SBS To XiaJunsu. “

“SBS stoops to new low blocking JYJ’s Junsu from Para Games opening broadcast”, ___djb___ posted

beezhero92 wrote, “using Junsu name to attract more people ? please stop using my #JYJ boys name for gaining more interest from public -.-“

SyaCassie_DBSK5 wrote, “I just don’t get it why SBS r scared with SME !”

JYJLAmerica wrote, “@SBS8news @SBSNOW [PROJECT] End the age of oppression against JYJ!!! ~ Latin America”

marshymars outright accused SBS of being scared of SM Entertainment, JYJ’s former company who has been allegedly using its influence in the Korean entertainment world to keep JYJ off of entertainment broadcasts.

“What the heck SBS is thinking why they humiliated Junsu. Are they too afraid of SME? That SME again. They’re too happy hurting JYJ,” marshymars posted.

DeDeTillman is calling for a boycott of SBS: “If you get #SBS DO NOT watch anymore shows from them until they put #JYJ on Do Not Support #SBS @KBSWorldTV #SM”

MinMin0108 wrote, “gosh why you treating our JYJ boys like shit KBS+SBS??? “

_Maririn posted that despite JYJ making Korea known all around the world, SBS and others are treating them with contempt: “@SBSNOW What SBS did to Junsu is a shame. JYJ, where they go they put well the name of your country and you pay them badly. “

jaejoongdara wrote, “KARMA exists @sbsnow … Apologize to JYJ’s Kim JUNSU before it’s too late!!!We’re telling you~ “

ohmyjunsu wrote, “@SBSNOW Don’t underestimate JYJ nor JYJ fans. We’re a strong family located all around the world, and we’re watching you. Apologize. “

Soar_JYJ_3 posted, “Want to let SBS know how pissed we are and the wrong they’ve committed? Go here -> @SBSNOW “

“The company pretty much used jyj to get the audience and cut them off… how fcking rude,” yukwonkitty posted.

JYJ_ism posted, “gave his best on stage despite being used by SBS again :'(((((((( Junsu, you are the best”

PoppinKorea wrote, “I hope not only the group JYJ, but each member gets treated a lot better. Korea needs to stop treating them horribly. “

And MANY more.

Junsu himself kept a positive attitude despite everything.  According to translated reports, the singer tweeted:

“Although I wasn’t able to make it on the broadcast, because it was a place where I could meet with all of you, it was a very enjoyable and meaningful experience. I hope that everyone will remember that happy feeling and get home safely. ^^ I love you.

I don’t know since when, but I’ve become so earnest in meeting with you all. The broadcast doesn’t matter to me. I love all of you who were there with me today”

Producer of Junsu’s first English language song, Uncommitted, also tweeted his support posting, “Around the world today your fans banned together and showed love for you.  Because you showed them how much you love them.”

Bruce Vanderveer also posted, “Being censored in your own country is awful, yet you went on and performed.  Your (sic) an incredible artist!  And I admire you!”


The Korean entertainment industry should really be ashamed not only because of its moral failure, but also because of the inferior way in which they treat their superstars in comparison to most of the free world.

The Court is supposed to come in and make a decision that will either be appealed or accepted.  Either way, this won’t last forever and there will come a day when JYJ will be in full control of their destiny.  

SBS, KBS and all the rest of those losers better pray that JYJ aren’t vengeful and unforgiving.  And they better hope that the trio doesn’t crack the European, American or Latin markets wide open before the South Korean industry gets its fcking act together.


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