Does SM have a connection to Dispatch, the Internet media outlet which JYJ are Suing for Defamation?

August 8, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


Those of you who were suspicious about the timing of a defamatory report released by ‘Dispatch’ — as JYJ were on their way to South America to preform 2 sold out concerts in Chile and Peru — may have been correct.

Today a translated article was posted concerning the relationship between JYJ’s former management company (SM Entertainment), and the internet media company which accused JYJ members of being abusive towards their fans (‘Dispatch’).

According to South Korean fans, Dispatch is supposedly known to have ties to SM.

“Korean netizens have tagged Dispatch as SM’s advertising medium,” the translated article reads.

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JYJ Suing Media Outlet ‘Dispatch’ Over Sasaeng Report?

August 3, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


Woah, what’s this?  Breaking reports say JYJ has filed a civil suit against a media outlet named ‘Dispatch’ for defamation and invasion of privacy.

If that name is familiar, it should be.  ‘Dispatch’ is the media outlet that published an article alleging some members behaved violently against random fans.  

Part of that report included edited audio of an alleged confrontation where Jaejoong supposedly appeared highly upset and was yelling a what Dispatch claimed was a regular fan.

These types of ‘fans’ turned out to be sasaeng, also known as a$$holes to some of us.  

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Yoochun closed his Twitter acct because…?

August 3, 2012 dongbanger.com 0


JYJ fans were sad to learn Yoochun deactivated his Twitter account and speculation was all over the place.

According to the media friendly explanation, a representative for Yoochun told OSEN that he deleted the account because he couldn’t spend a lot of time posting to it.