Interview: Junsu New York Press Conference



– What do you think when starting your World Tour right after concluding the Asia tour?

I have been in a lot of Asia Tours but it was the very first Asia Tour of my own. I started off with many worries and concerns but when performing in Hong Kong, I thought back at the first time when I gathered my courage. Because there are no broadcast activities whatsoever, releasing not a single but a full album is a big burden and releasing a full album for my concert also gave me pressure.

In the middle of many worries, I gathered my courage, released my album and I have received much more love than I thought. Rather than saying I got the fruits of my labor from the concert, it has become a chance for me to see a gleam of hope and picture out my future. The year 2012 feels like a dream and it is such a significant year in my entire life. Starting off my World tour in New York, I will do my best and be responsible as a representative of Korea and Asia who gets to hold concert in the US and even in South America.

Junsu Shining in New York; Press Conference Report


Junsu confidently introduced himself to America at a press conference in the heart of Times Square on Aug 29.

Junsu is kicking off the Western leg of his solo tour with a performance on August 30 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.  

Unlike a few other artists which have tried to jump from Asia to America, Junsu  plans to be his own person instead of an Asian copy of an American artist.