Junsu confidently introduced himself to America at a press conference in the heart of Times Square on Aug 29.

Junsu is kicking off the Western leg of his solo tour with a performance on August 30 at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan.  

Unlike a few other artists which have tried to jump from Asia to America, Junsu  plans to be his own person instead of an Asian copy of an American artist.   

I KNEW that boy had good sense! I’ve often warned that any Asian superstar who wants to break in America (if there is to be one) won’t be a copy of some random American star.  He or she will have to have his/her own vibe completely to grab the attention of this saturated media market.

Anyway, Junsu looked gorgeous as always in a “buttoned-up white shirt, beneath a black sweater, covered over by a navy-blue blazer” and a pant style reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

He answered questions from reporters with confidence, according to the reports, about what inspired his album and about the stage name  “XIA” among other things.

Junsu is currently touring and performing music from his new solo project Tarantallegra.  His newest English single, Uncommitted, has over 1 million hits at Youtube.  

Uncommitted was written by American producer Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer.

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