Translations of Junsu’s latest deep tweets UPDATE

Translations of Junsu’s latest tweets , according to what a poster at akp has said:

poster: roflcopterrr
link: akp

XIAH JUST TWEETED: can you hear me?…i love you…listen to my voice..even though i may be far…looking upon you,wherever you are..I will be able to live

XIAH JUST TWEETED: Whoever you are…Wherever you are..there are times when easy words become knives…that cause pain…those words will always come back to you…think…at this time, who is the person who has given you the most regret and hurt…Look at that deep place in your heart where an enormous amount of love is hidden…some people open their hearts…other people build a high wall…

XIAH JUST TWEETED: If you keep the door to your heart closed…would your mind become lighter?…it is only pain…it is all past business, it is all done….if not happiness, then sadness…you wont see the end of it…this is what living is…Calling your name, i have always waited for this moment…my heart longs to touch the sky..

XIAH JUST TWEETED: Now it is your turn…Open the door to your heart to that one person…do this for yourself…


Other translations of Junsu’s tweets:

I believe in fate..I believe in love..It’s fortunate that I have met you..I couldn’t believe that my darkest day would able to’s a changed world..only one person comes into sight. Because of you, everything in this world has changed..if you see my face and see my lips, you’ll know everything. Our everlasting love…

I have never this..

Looking at the shining sun..always looking over you..wherever you may be, I will be like the sun by your side..when my prayers reach the sky..I’ll drift in the wind and my whisper would be heard….

Can you hear me?..I love you…hear this voice..that’s far, far away..if ever..I see that place were you are, I..would live

Everyone… and again, always… there are times when simple words can become a knife… that causes hurt..these words always come back.. try to think about it.. who’s the person who regret most and hurt.. look at that place deep in your heart, a love so big is hidden..some people open their hearts but..some put on a high wall..

If you close the door to your heart..Is your heart lighter?’s just a wound…just things that have passed. We cannot know now, everything is over and done with..whether it’s joy or sorrow..the end could not be known..that’s life..I waited for this moment when I always call out your name..seems like my fervent heart reached the heavens..

Now it’s your your heart to him..for your sake


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