Yunho Talks about Junsu’s tweets, claims JYJ didn’t try to contact them

In response to JYJ’s earlier interviews where Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu said that they tried to contact Yunho and Changmin but they weren’t able to, TVXQ’s Yunho denied that ever happened.

Yunho said especially that “the story was not true” and “they never tried to call him.”

He says, “Also, I wanted to contact them but its a situation where all three of them changed their phone numbers. But, if they tried to call from numbers I didn’t recognize, there’s a chance I didn’t pick it up because of that. I get quite a lot of prank calls so it’s difficult to pick up all of the unknown phone calls.”


When asked about the controversy where fans believed the lyrics to “Why (Keep Your Head Down)” was directed towards JYJ, Yunho said that wasn’t true.

Yunho says, “TVXQ has many intense songs. Even if we had comeback with a different song, there would certainly be the same stories. Frankly, I didn’t care about it.”

In response to JYJ Junsu’s earlier tweets, Yunho said “I can coolly move past any remarks made towards me. It’s because there can always be regretful feelings between people. Even so, to call people they’ve been together with for so many years an “enemy”‘ just because we’re on different sides is not right. I have more I want to say but I don’t want to see TVXQ hurt anymore.”

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(Just to correct the record, Junsu never referred to Yunho or Changmin as the “enemy” . Either the translation is off, or Yunho is terribly misinformed.)

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