Major complaints against KBS and SM over JYJ blockage of N7W Jeju promotion Update #1

As you already know from a previous blog post, CJeS is livid at the fact that JYJ has been unceremoniously cut from the scheduled concert on July 20 to promote the inclusion of Jeju Island on the New 7 Wonders of the world list.

Despite being made honorary ambassadors by the local Jeju Island government to promote Jeju for inclusion, KBS (the alleged organizers of the promotional concert) sent JYJ a letter of cancellation of their appearance just 4 days before the show.  They plan to replace JYJ with SM artists SNSD and F(x).  Incomprehensible indeed.

According to translated reports, CJeS plans to file a complaint with the Korean FTC over this latest affront and says the hosts “deceived the artists by promising a special program on JYJ’s appointment ceremony[as honorary ambassadors]”.

They may not have only deceived JYJ and CJeS, but the fans as well; some of whom have already made plans to fly in to South Korea to watch and support JYJ and Jeju Island.

JYJ had already brought in a lot of support and attention from international fans who have already voted for Jeju Island because of them.

Update1: According to translated reports, a lot of complaints have been posted on the bulletin board of Jeju Island’s local government. Officials are reportedly worried that this latest flap will negatively affect the voting for JeJu.  No kidding. 

Nobody thought about the ramifications before they made the decision to yank JYJ from the promotion of this national effort?

In addition, it remains unclear as of this writing if JYJ will still be officially appointed as ambassadors for Jeju Island as planned.

More complaints are coming in from international fans about the JYJ/KBS/N7W controversy.  Indeed, a large number of international (ie non Korean) fans who voted for Jeju Island to be included on the list of the New 7 Wonders seem to be voicing their complete displeasure at the nonsense.

The situation is similar to when avex tried to stop JYJ from performing a charity concert to benefit earthquake/tsunami victims based on petty retaliatory tactics of avex.  There are some things more important than getting your rocks off by interfering with the activities of artists who left your company.

This issue concerns something which will benefit all of South Korea, but KBS and SM are bent on using asinine retaliatory tactics against JYJ instead of being mature about what the benefits of JYJ’s participation would bring to this nationwide effort.

Getting Jeju designated as one of the 7 new wonders will not only raise the profile of South Korea but will also be a financial boom.

As if you couldn’t already guess, the criticism toward KBS and SM keeps rolling in.  Eric Moon, a member of ex SM group Shinhwa reportedly tweeted about this JYJ/KBS/SM issue saying:

I’ll just tell you that things that are very much beyond fans’ thoughts/imagination are happening on this front (the Korean Entertainment industry). You have to win and survive. There is no way other than that.

Shinhwa also had a highly public run in with SM Entertainment and all the members ultimately left the agency.

Well known Korean Journalist Koh Jae Yul also tweeted some scathing words about the situation as well, comparing KBS to dogs and called for an investigation.

And its starting to affect the way the organizers of the Jeju event are being seen.

lilibaiyu wants to take her vote back, tweeting “SHAME on you for canceling JYJ’s televised appearance! If I could I’d take back the vote I cast for Jeju. Bring JYJ back!”

viviayumui tweeted: “`We cancelled JYJ because SNSD and F(x) are more effectife` WTHWTF!!! I’m SONE and Cassie but i really can’t accept it!!! Fuck KBS! Damn!!”

remixedoreo tweeted: “@KBSWorldTV don’t start a cycle of going back on your word when JYJ should have an appearance. As a foreign fan I’m insanely disappointed.”

freezinghart speaks for a number of people with this tweet: “@KBSWORLDTV,KBS JEJU,You’re using JYJ to get the vote from JYJ INTERNATIONAL FANS,now you drop them out,you’re so lame”

sallyxox18 tweeted: “Let’s support our jyj against KBS and tell KBS `JYJ MUST BE RESPECTED`”

summercrickets tweeted: “KBS should be ashamed of themselves. JYJ are the honorary ambassadors to Jeju and yet you cut their performance from broadcast? Shame on you”.

Akira23 directly names SM in this tweet: “I can’t believe dumb-ass ppl still believe SME has nothing to do with all the JYJ blocks…do you need them to come out and confess?!”

emma1329 tweeted: “@KBSWorldTV It’s not even about JYJ anymore. It’s about how you brutally allow and aid SM to systemically abuse artists.”

Some fans like berrygreentea may be forecasting fan action by tweeting: “@myloveKBS You owe JYJ an apology. Don’t you dare think that JYJ and JYJ’s devoted fans will take this sitting down. Be prepared.”

Articles about CJeS’s response and plans to make formal complaints against KBS are being translated and spread all over the world into every language from Spanish and Italian to French and Japanese. And `JYJ` has been a trending topic in Singapore almost this entire time.

At the very least, the local Jeju government should take some responsibility or speak out on this issue because they were the ones who approached JYJ about being honorary ambassadors to begin with.

They also asked JYJ to start promotions first because, according to CJeS’s statement, the organizers were “in a hurry to promote Jeju and also explained that the appointment ceremony will take place in July due to special program scheduled to air on TV”.

Because of this request, JYJ did as they were asked and began filming promotional videos to encourage people to vote for Jeju Island.  The trio was also supposed to perform 2 songs in Jeju on the 20th where they would also receive the official letter of appointment as honorary ambassadors.

In addition, CJeS said KBS took advantage of JYJ with preliminary promotional activities and that KBS Jeju didn’t apologize for the cancellation.  They are requesting an explanation from the Jeju Provincial Government and KBS.

We’ll watch how this shakes out and whether there will be consequences for KBS’s actions.


Source mat.:
Star News, MyDaily, Chosun
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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