CJeS to File Complaint with KFTC, Reports Swirl about possible legal action against KBS

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Wow. The news broke around the world yesterday that KBS kicked JYJ off the list of performers to promote the New 7 Wonders despite the trio being honorary ambassadors to Jeju Island’s New 7 Wonders (N7W) campaign.  Now comes word that they were tossed so that at least two current SM Entertainment (SM) artists could be a part of the show.

JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment is demanding an official apology from KBS and said they plan to take their complaint to the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC).  In addition, CJeS is reportedly considering taking legal action as well over KBS’s decision.

As was stated in an earlier post, KBS sent JYJ a letter of cancellation just 4 days before the show. Two of the members are currently acting in dramas and the respective crew’s entire schedules were set to accommodate the KBS-backed concert.

If that weren’t enough of a slap in the face, KBS reportedly announced that current SM artists SNSD and f(x), both girl groups, will replace the trio.  Needless to say, this left many people scratching their heads.  Despite how popular some claim the two groups are, their inclusion has been treated like a joke to many who have been watching this play out.

Honestly, I had to look up just who f(x) was.  And though I had heard of SNSD, I couldn’t tell you the names of any of the members or even recognize them to save my life.

The Twitter world is on fire and my timeline is filled with things like ‘WTF?’ and “ROFL” at KBS’s decision.  A simple search for ‘JYJ’ and you’ll see what I mean (at the time of writing this article).

torakiss tweeted: “ROFL if the replacements are that effective, what can you say about the sudden increase in votes for Jeju because of JYJ? XD TAKE THAT KBS.”

Indeed, if the replacements were so effective, why weren’t they chosen to begin with?  This screams of somebody calling in a favor or somebody threatening somebody else with retaliation.  The obvious clue here is that JYJ was ousted for current SM artists.

alles2012 tweeted: “By cancelling on JYJ, you lost not only the fans’ support but also the ‘international’ fans’ support.”

I have to say I’m more than a little concerned as well.  Some international fans are already talking about boycotting the watching of KBS World, though I don’t know how effective that will be.

GloryLoveJJ wants a real answer as to why JYJ was replaced, tweeting: “How is SNSD and f(x) more effective than JYJ? GIVE A REASONABLE EXCUSE OR LET JYJ PERFORM.”

4ujyj wishes to get the votes back, tweeting: “I casted my vote to @New7Wonders because of JYJ was appointed as Jeju island ambassador. I urge u @New7Wonders to cancel all my votes”

Myrraaa0204 tweeted, “so actually the one who “beg” JYJ to be Jeju ambassador is Jeju. and now JYJ are being dumped by kbs”

Snowflakes_9108 gets more to the point: “We gave our support to Jeju because #jejuwithjyj Now they abandon JYJ,We will abandon them too”.

In addition, Snowflakes mentioned in another tweet the very real fact that many people who had planned to attend the concert were JYJ fans: “even if it’s free,all ppl have plan to go to jeju up to now i think mostly JYJ fans.so if they just stay home,no one else will.”

elliegirlz tweeted: “As an international fan who voted for Jeju, I demand an explaination why JYJ’s performance was cancelled & replaced”. Yep. I was one of those who became interested in Jeju Island after the news that JYJ was promoting its inclusion in the N7W list.

As far back as 7 hours ago (as of the writing of this article), JejeJYJ actually wrote: “no JYJ, no Vote for Jeju….vote for others then @New7Wonders @KBSworldtv”.  The idea that other international fans would purposely not vote for Jeju as a result of JYJ’s treatment is a real possibility despite whether you think its right or wrong.

There was sure to be repercussions for these actions.  As time and the SM lawsuit  has dragged on, JYJ’s popularity has climbed steadily among international fans: the very target of the voting to get Jeju Island included on the list of the New 7 Wonders.

It has been my firm belief since JYJ had to sue SM for their rights that the only thing these people (SM, KBS, other broadcasters) will understand are consequences.  If there are no consequences for doing things like this, they will continue to be disrespectful and scheming.

inheaven wJYJ describes it perfectly saying, “I don’t think just criticizing SME/Avex/KBS is going to do the trick this time. There needs to be an organized action initiated by JYJ fans.”

I now view SM, and those who are afraid of them, as children who have to learn not to touch a hot stove, or not to stick a metal fork in a light socket.  Tossing JYJ to replace them with current SM artists is like touching a hot stove… now we’re waiting for the 3rd degree `burn` to appear.

Will JYJ provide that lesson? Or will JYJ’s fans do the honor?  Or will the simple consequences of their actions provide enough figurative pain from those who haven’t taken a side, but who spent a lot of time organizing this N7W process?

UPDATE1: Well known Korean journalist Koh Jae Yul (@dogsul) has tweeted about this JYJ/KBS issue.  According to translated reports, his strong language takes aim directly at KBS and SM.

He tweeted: “I think KBS made an open declaration `We are SM’s Ass-licking dog`.@mjjdy2602: For the Jeju promotion concert, JYJ was cast out and SNSD/Fx will appear instead… What do you think of that?”

He also called for national attention to this latest affront, tweeting: “This cancellation incident of JYJ concert in Jeju can`t be described as any other than `approaching a climax`. It is an issue deserving national administrative investigation if it is a political issue or Special Interrogation by Prosecutor’s office if it is a social issue. What a sissy incident this is…”

Koh’s criticism was also leveled at SM as he compared SNSD’s and f(x)’s inclusion to a “foul wind”.

He tweeted: “SM went too far. Putting SNSD and F(x) instead is like opening a casket and murder a corpse. It might have an effect of appealing to other group members… but now will have to face uncontrollable foul wind. It might be possible to see news articles about SM on Algira…”.

Maybe this whole incident wouldn’t stink so much if the artists `replacing` JYJ weren’t SM artists.  Or maybe it would stink no matter who they decided to use instead.  The actions of KBS are on top of a number cancellations JYJ has had to deal with from broadcasters too afraid to make SM angry.

But it’s pretty much a given that you don’t bump the honorary ambassadors of a promotional event. Period.  And you certainly don’t replace their performance with a group or groups from the very company with which they’re engaged in a legal dispute.

UPDATE2: The following is the official statement from CJeS regarding this issue (translated in Eng):

Greetings from C-JeS Entertainment.

We hereby announce our stance regarding the unilateral cancellation of JYJ(Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim)’s appearance on the KBS special program for promoting Jeju for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

In April, we were told by provincial government of Jeju that they wanted to appoint JYJ as honorary ambassador for Jeju to be selected for the New 7 Wonders of Nature on the phone. Also on April 26th, we received an official email explaining the role of honorary ambassador and the reasons that why they wanted to appoint JYJ.

However, we politely declined this suggestion because it was a general custom that honorary ambassador starts promotion when official press release is distributed with the appointment ceremony, and JYJ was not able to attend to the ceremony as they were doing their World Tour on the point of the suggestion.

But provincial government of Jeju suggested that we start promotional activities first as they were in a hurry to promote Jeju and also explained that the appointment ceremony will take place in July due to special program scheduled to air on TV. JYJ accepted the offer of the honorary ambassador with great sense of responsibility as a Korean artist to promote the national brand of Korea and the New 7 Wonders of Nature for Jeju.

On May 4th, the local government of Jeju announced the honorary ambassador through official press release and started promotional activities.

JYJ actively cooperated with Jeju Island as the honorary ambassador by filming videos to encourage people to vote for Jeju and promoting Jeju during their world tour concerts.

Also Jeju sent an email expressing their appreciation for the huge publicity nationwide by virtue of JYJ and thanks to JYJ in May. And the special TV program was scheduled to be aired on July 20th, JYJ were supposed to perform 2 songs in Jeju and receive the official letter of appointment as the honorary ambassador.

But on Saturday, July 16, 2011, four days before the show, we received a sudden unilateral notification that the appearance was cancelled. The explanation for cancellation was, “the program itself might not be possible if JYJ appear.” It was a simple concluded notification without an exact reason. KBS Jeju stated that it made an apology to JYJ, but we have received no apology with an official reason for the cancellation, only received unilateral notification of cancellation.

However, on the grounds that 1) this was a special program promoting the selection of Jeju Island for the New 7 Wonders of Nature, and 2) JYJ had been officially appointed as honorary ambassadors and were fulfilling their duties participating in promotional activities for the past three months, we urge Jeju Provincial Government and KBS to explain official stance in explanation of the unilateral notification of cancellation.

Moreover, C-JeS Entertainment will file a complaint to the Fair Trade Commision Korea for the host’s unilateral cancellation only 4 days before the event without prior consultation with the artists. The host has deceived the artists by promising a special program on JYJ’s appointment ceremony[as honorary ambassadors], took advantage of the artist in the preliminary promotional activities, and cancelling the appointment ceremony.
We will take the proper procedures to take legal actions for this incident.

Lastly, JYJ’s lawsuit in progress at the present is a civil lawsuit regarding the unfair contract between ex-management company and the artist. This lawsuit is just a difficult fight of minor artists resisting the irrationality of virtual lifetime contract, not a lawsuit that can evoke public criticism or be morally problematic.
Also, the court has already ruled that during the process of this lawsuit, JYJ can freely carry out their activities as artists.

Above all, we send our apologies to JYJ fans who have been shocked by this incomprehensible event, and JYJ will keep supporting and promoting Jeju Island for the selection of New 7 Wonders of Nature as the citizens of the Republic of Korea, regardless of this event.

Thank you.

Original Link: http://c-jes.com/w/163335
Full Translation Credit: Misstion4JYJ

This post will be updated including more quotes from concerned observers of this whole mess.


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