JYJ Concerned about Thailand Flood Disaster


The members of JYJ recently sent a message to the people of Thailand expressing their concern and love in the wake of a massive flood disaster in more than 50 years.

The trio posted a message on the CJeS Entertainment directed towards the suffering people of the country where over 300 people have been killed.

JYJ’s video message and translated statement is below:

“We heard that many people in Thailand have been suffering from the floods lately. Since there are many JYJ fans, staff members and colleagues who have worked with us a lot in Thailand, we’re very concerned about this situation. We hope everything gets recovered as soon as possible so you can enjoy a normal life again. We hope you guys cheer up! JYJ will also try to visit Thailand as soon as possible and we’ll work harder to show a brighter side of us. Thank you!”

If you remember, Jaejoong made his debut as a director for JYJ’s Asian concert tour in Thailand earlier this year where he took over the stage direction, sound direction and lighting direction.

Almost 9 million people have been effected by this catastrophe.

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