There is a CONCERT going on in Gwangju 2nite featuring the songwriting, acting, ever-loving, uber-popular, super-gorgeous JYJ.  Yes, Gwangju is Yunho’s (2TVXQ) hometown. Don’t read anything more into it, people… unless… nah, nevermind. 

Anyway, the thank-you concert, scheduled for tonight (early morning our time), is sure to be a house rocker if their concert in Pusan and their charity concert in Japan is any indication.

What’s hottt at twitter right now about JYJ?  Everyone’s spazzing that Yoocheon will possibly sing his new song featured on the Ripley drama OST, along with whether or not Jaejoong has… let me catch my breath…. whether or not Jaejoong has gone back to black hair which fully highlights his gorgeousness in all its glory.

Update 1: KBS will broadcast the Gwangju concert on June 28. Cr: jyj3
Update 2: {youtube}XsVgNuklrZQ{/youtube}

We’ll be on the hunt for pics and fancams, which are like water in a desert for us U.S. fans.  If you have any or have any links to any, PUHLEASE post them in the comment section below!




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