JYJ MC Talk Translations from Gwangju Concert

Part I

JJ: You all came even in such a bad typhoon weather, it must be hard for everyone who came to Gwangju! Then, we heard that there’s a lot of people who were unable to come here. We will work hard for those empty seats, today’s concert will be even brighter! Firstly, members, please say your greetings.

JS: Hi everyone, I’m very happy to see you all. Today is a meaningful day, the long trip for 2010 World Tour will end today in Gwangju. Because we have prepared the handsome stage and performance, and the ability to interact more with everyone is good enough. Just like what was said, even though there’s a typhoon and yet you all came, really appreciate that!

YC: Hi everyone, I’m Yoochun. I’m very happy to see everyone. Junsu’s hairstyle for today is very handsome right? Jaejoong hyung and I, and I personally like this hairstyle of Junsu’s, thus was hoping to see this hairstyle. For the last performance today, Junsu especially styled this hair. Jaejoong hyung, you dyed your hair black for today too, right?

JJ: Yes, ah, erm… yes? Hahaha~
YC: No matter what, yesterday I read the weather forecast for today. This afternoon at 3pm, the typhoon warning was broadcasted right? (I) feel that with everybody’s passion and our hardworking performance, probably the typhoon would not come here. Anyway, (we) would experience the typhoon when we returned to Seoul. Because it’s the last stage today, therefore everyone seems to have came watching, with anticipation and reluctance. Today we said this when we were rehearsing, “Today is the last round,
(we) have to enjoy it well.” Thus we hoped everybody can watch it happily.

JJ: Yes, (today’s) last public performance can be the performance that round things up. And, kehahaha. Everyone has been saying if only our MC section can be longer. We will talk for a very long while today, don’t worry. Firstly, it just started, so we’ll now use our singing to thank everyone.

Part II:

JJ: Thank you. This performance will conclude with this song… I’m sorry to smile and talk at such a sad part. Ah, today is our last stop for the world tour, and also this place is, of course smaller than Busan’s, but because of the support that was not any incomparable to Busan’s, I’m really very happy, We JYJ were very blessed and very thankful. So, the last song that we all knew, and we know that (we and fans) are very reluctant to leave, but it really is the last song. If I were to continue like this, everyone will have to work hard on the internet in the end right? But can it be that it was the world tour’s last stop, our members would like to say a few words, lastly, let’s say our greetings one by one.

YC: Starting from me? Okay, in fact, if we were unable to have a concert, we wouldn’t have the chance to meet everyone, isn’t it? Right? Therefore, with such thoughts, no matter the singles we have prepared, the albums we have prepared, even though it was prepared, there’s no stages for us to perform. There were times of disheartened during productions, there were times like these. But because we debuted as singers, therefore we would want to be happy with everyone again at stage like this, the place that we adored the most. It is more meaningful than any broadcast, than any stage, the place that we loved the most is a concert performance. Due to the worldwide album, we are really thankful to be able to stand at a stage like this, it feels very good. Of course every member is very busy. What is the most important thing, what is the thing that we need the most, we also would want to remember that JYJ is not a normal name only. Hoped that everyone can continue to give us the support. We really hoped to meet everyone with an even more handsome public performance. Thank you.

JS: Today is the last stop for this year, and the last stop for the tour and what’s left is the next song. Although we have stood on many stages, but with the name of JYJ, and to once again breathe in the same place with everyone, it was the most basic to me, but was also the most difficult place. Therefore, our tour for this year was not spreading strength, it’s where we received strength, it would be good if this strength can last us till the end of this year. No matter when, although we have always said this, but we really want to truthfully thank everyone. Thank you.

JJ: So, this is the last song. Our story will continue in the future, and will present with no limits to everyone, a better look, a more suave look. We feel that the road for us in the future will still be endless. There are a lot of things to do, a lot of hurdles to overcome, there are a lot of newcomers too, and (we) also heard a bit about fans ‘climbing over the walls’ (T/N: changed to other idols-loving, i.e.) But, there are not much time, and we’ve aged. Recently, if I did not shave for one day, facial stubble could be seen, if we did not eat for a meal… the belly that did not protrude will also be out, it’s as though we have hit our first phase of andropause.

JJ: First and foremost, our passion and the things we wanted to do in the future that’s yet to be done, now is the ideal we had during preparation as trainees. Through that ideal, we feel that we will be more confident and grow even more. If the heart that believed in us will continue to support us, then we will do it with all our best effort till the end. Is there anyone who is in their third phase of menopause/andropause? Hahaha. Joking. Then… I’m sorry. Created such an ambiguous atmosphere. Firstly, we JYJ have worked hard for the tour, it was hard for everyone too. Presenting to everyone the last song, In Heaven.

DNBN+Mr Park
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun.net

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