Yoocheon’s performance in Ripley continues to impress audiences.  The drama is rife with good news including the fact that it sold out all the advertising spots available for its airing. 

Reports also say that when Yoocheon appears on the drama, he triggers a ratings jump.  In addition, when he appears on the screen the ratings jump by 5% — 15% on the episode that aired on June 21 alone — according to the per minute ratings data.
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Yoocheon, and that terrific smile,  has even earned him admiration and a cute nickname on the set of the drama.  The call him “Happy Cutie”, according to translated reports because he always comes to set ready but continues to keep the atmosphere enjoyable during breaks. 

He’s also up to his old tricks by drawing caricatures of some of the actors around him when they have a little free time during shooting.  Remember that dead-on ‘Junsu sleeping on the couch’ caricature he did in the behind the scenes footage of JYJ’s performances in Japan last year?   He’s really too good at bullying (read: teasing) Junsu.

Yoocheon is also getting mad praise for his acting skills.  Kim Seung Woo is quoted as calling him a “junior he values”.  He is also said to be very popular with the female staff members.  Well, of course!

Let’s hope for continued success for the drama, and anticipate the new drama being taken on by fellow JYJ member Jaejoong.

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