Yoohwan likes to be compared to his bother Yoochun and wants to meet as actors one day JYJ

We met with actor Park Yoohwan, whose charm is his fresh youth.

During the interview, Park Yoohwan ate a couple of sandwiches for his meal and said, “I have a tomato allergy.” But when we asked him, ‘Then you can’t even eat ketchup?’ he said, “No, eating ketchup isn’t a problem.” When we asked him, ‘What happens when you eat a tomato?’ he broke the ice and aroused laughter from those around us as he said, “My face scrunches up.”

Before Park Yoohwan was known as Actor Park Yoohwan, he always had the title ‘Park Yoochun’s little brother’ placed in front of his name. Park Yoohwan actually began his career in the acting industry after tagging along to his brother’s acting class where he fell for the charm of acting in which you can ‘experience something new’ every day. He then took his first step into the industry by appearing as ‘Han Seo Woo’, a man who wants to seem more mature in front of his nephews who are older than him, in the MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

You could feel the unlimited love that Park Yoohwan has for his brother as he said, “I think I heard that a lot of people tell my brother, ‘I enjoy watching Shiny Shiny Shining’ or ‘I love watching your brother Park Yoohwan act’,” and “Though my brother desn’t show it, I know he’s really proud of me.”

What Park Yoohwan is anticipating the most these days, is none other than Park Yoochun’s May drama, MBC’s ‘Ripley’. As both dramas are being produced by the same broadcasting company, he believes that the two will end around the same date. He said, “What I’m anticipating the most is the fact that I might be able to meet up with my brother while doing my job as an actor,” and “I want to at least have a quick cup of coffee with him in the waiting rooms, joke around and share stories.”

He continued to say, “I heard that our drama is ending around the same time as my brother’s drama,” and “Though we live in the same house, we don’t get to see each other often so I really want to spend my time off with him.”

When asked where he would go if he and his brother had time to spare, Park Yoohwan seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before he said, “I want to go to a place where the sandy beaches are white and the water is blue,” and “I’ve never been to a place like that before. I really want to go to a place like that with him someday.”

Park Yoochun recently became a hot topic when it was revealed that he had bought his younger brother an expensive car. Now that he has made his debut as an actor and is making money, we asked Park Yoohwan if he has bought his brother anything yet and he said, “There are times when I take my brother out for dinner but I haven’t given him a proper gift yet.” Park Yoohwan showed the deep trust that he has for Park Yoochun when he said, “But my brother has been taking care of all the money that I’ve been earning till now.”

When we reminded him that he will never be able to escape being compared to his older brother Park Yoochun as long as both of them are in the entertainment industry, Park Yoohwan showed us how strong his family’s bond is as he said, “Because we’re family, I would never view him as competition,” and “I actually like being compared to my brother.”

Source: [diodeo news]
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