Denying the Obvious

Jaejoong and Junsu try to deny the obvious attraction between them. Yoochun comes up with a bet. Junsu sees this bet as all fun and games as he licks his lips seductively during dinner and grinds his hips extra hard during dance practice just to get a rise out of Jaejoong.

JYJ MC Talk Translations from Gwangju Concert

Part I

JJ: You all came even in such a bad typhoon weather, it must be hard for everyone who came to Gwangju! Then, we heard that there’s a lot of people who were unable to come here. We will work hard for those empty seats, today’s concert will be even brighter! Firstly, members, please say your greetings.

JS: Hi everyone, I’m very happy to see you all. Today is a meaningful day, the long trip for 2010 World Tour will end today in Gwangju. Because we have prepared the handsome stage and performance, and the ability to interact more with everyone is good enough. Just like what was said, even though there’s a typhoon and yet you all came, really appreciate that!

YC: Hi everyone, I’m Yoochun. I’m very happy to see everyone. Junsu’s hairstyle for today is very handsome right? Jaejoong hyung and I, and I personally like this hairstyle of Junsu’s, thus was hoping to see this hairstyle. For the last performance today, Junsu especially styled this hair. Jaejoong hyung, you dyed your hair black for today too, right?

JJ: Yes, ah, erm… yes? Hahaha~

JYJ Gwangju Concert Update Post

There is a CONCERT going on in Gwangju 2nite featuring the songwriting, acting, ever-loving, uber-popular, super-gorgeous JYJ.  Yes, Gwangju is Yunho’s (2TVXQ) hometown. Don’t read anything more into it, people… unless… nah, nevermind. 

Anyway, the thank-you concert, scheduled for tonight (early morning our time), is sure to be a house rocker if their concert in Pusan and their charity concert in Japan is any indication.