Denying the Obvious

Jaejoong and Junsu try to deny the obvious attraction between them. Yoochun comes up with a bet. Junsu sees this bet as all fun and games as he licks his lips seductively during dinner and grinds his hips extra hard during dance practice just to get a rise out of Jaejoong.


This story follows the Yunjae story Thaw. It is not completely necessary to read it first, but it will make more sense. It is complete at 7 chapters and starts HERE. A rhythmic thud started on the far side of the wall between the hotel rooms. Yoochun caught Junsu’s eyes and made a vulgar gesture. […]

Sugary Kisses

It was Changmin’s 20th birthday. Today was the day that he had finally hit the second digits. When he arose that day, he didn’t feel very much changed. More or less he felt a string of overwhelming emotions and thoughts slam into him at once.


What day was it today? You couldn’t remember, it was vague, a distant memory. You tried to blink away the blurry vision, trying to will yourself to see clearer. It wasn’t working. “Mphm…” You replied, irritated when you still couldn’t see clearly. “It’s ok, Yoochun. The sedative will take a while to sink in.” A […]