Ripley drama, costarring Yoocheon, opens to high ratings

According to translated reports, the drama “Ripley” (Miss Ripley) in which Yoocheon costars, opened in first place for all Monday and Tuesday dramas.  The figures show a rating of 13.2% for the start of the highly anticipated drama.

The rating is also outstanding considering the unspoken, often criticized rule of the big networks in Korea blocking Yoocheon (or any JYJ member for that matter) from appearing on any other show to promote any of their work directly to Korean audiences.

JYJ wowed the fans in Los Angeles Friday UPDATE 2

Update #2

JYJ was in Los Angeles Friday night (May 27 2011) to perform for thousands of excited and mesmerized fans.  The Korean trio (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) has also performed in New Jersey and Vancouver, Canada before hitting Los Angeles.

I’m not sure the size of the crowd just yet, but one fan’s ingenuity made it possible so that thousands more fans could actually see parts of the concert online.

Despite the low quality audio and video, by the end of the concert over 6,100+ people were watching that one feed.  The live video feed acted as a lifeline for the thousands of fans who did not have a chance to go to either of the concerts JYJ performed in North America, and who were lucky enough to be checking their twitter accounts at the time where the link was being spread.

Baeksang: Yoocheon gets highest number of votes for Most Popular Actor

JYJ’s Park Yoocheon pulled in 55.5% of the vote for the Most Popular TV Actor in the Baeksang Awards, according to translated reports out of Korea.

Representatives at CJeS Ent. said the charming Yoocheon, who costarred in the uber popular Sungkyunkwan Scandal  (SKKS), will attend the ceremony scheduled for May 26 2011.  SKKS is also highly popular in Japan.

Yoocheon is currently shooting another drama called Ripley, along with being in the midst of the American leg of the JYJ World Tour. And on his time off, he’s making a boat load of money by being the spokesperson for TiO –a now-popular tea drink.  Is this kid a robot?

Fan Account: Cecilia9095 at the New Jersey concert

Thoughts after JYJ Newark Concert

1. Yoochun


It’s easy to see why girls fall for Yoochun. He is classically good looking with radiant skin but even if he were one of the homeliest people on earth, I doubt he would have any fewer fans. It’s all about his charm–the man oozes with it. The way he playfully spoke in English with the audience tonight was the sign of a confident and playful youth who knew how to get a party started and have a good time.