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JYJ was in Los Angeles Friday night (May 27 2011) to perform for thousands of excited and mesmerized fans.  The Korean trio (Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu) has also performed in New Jersey and Vancouver, Canada before hitting Los Angeles.

I’m not sure the size of the crowd just yet, but one fan’s ingenuity made it possible so that thousands more fans could actually see parts of the concert online.

Despite the low quality audio and video, by the end of the concert over 6,100+ people were watching that one feed.  The live video feed acted as a lifeline for the thousands of fans who did not have a chance to go to either of the concerts JYJ performed in North America, and who were lucky enough to be checking their twitter accounts at the time where the link was being spread.


I suppose whatever the crowd total, add at least another 6,100 to that!  I don’t know what the totals were before tuning in though.

Even with the low quality audio and video, at some points you could clearly hear the power in their voices.  Two examples: It came through specifically with the song “Boys Letter”, especially with Junsu and Jaejoong.  And Fallen Leaves is simply beautiful in any quality.  Its a beautiful song, period, and I don’t even know the lyrics.  I could have sworn it sounded like Yoochun got a little emotional while he was singing his part, but I could be wrong.

For me, I wanted to hear Yoocheon voice more clearly.  His voice is already so deep it tends to get lost in transmission with low quality audio/video.  Yoocheon, by the way, won the Best New Male Newcomer award for his acting at the Baeksang Awards held in Korea and is currently shooting a drama (Ripley) as well as being on tour.

I didn’t get a chance to see it all, but I am honestly thankful to see choppy glimpses of the guys on stage, to hear them giving it their all, and to chuckle at the fans screaming their lungs out every time JYJ did anything.

JYJ definitely has an American following too!


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Stay tuned for more details.




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