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Thoughts after JYJ Newark Concert

1. Yoochun


It’s easy to see why girls fall for Yoochun. He is classically good looking with radiant skin but even if he were one of the homeliest people on earth, I doubt he would have any fewer fans. It’s all about his charm–the man oozes with it. The way he playfully spoke in English with the audience tonight was the sign of a confident and playful youth who knew how to get a party started and have a good time. 

I LOVE Yoochun’s voice. My voice bias has always been Jaejoong but now, Yoochun is tied with him in first place. It’s rich, it’s deep, it’s husky and it’s sexy. His voice is very suited for the songs that JYJ are now singing. And his rap was to die for! I loved the part where he rapped while Jaesu sang during “You’re”. 

Yoochun danced well too. Like Junsu, he has snappy/poppy movements that look very cool and crisply executed (forgive me, I am not familiar w/ terms that describe dancing ><)

His interactions with the dancers were the same as usual ^.~ I wanted to keep my promise to fellow chunsa friends and mentally will the girls to stay away from Yoochun but you know what? I screamed in encouragement XD He really was in his element and again, that attractive confidence really shone through his performances.

2. Junsu


Junsu is a powerhouse. He had endless energy, a booming voice, and large, expressive movements. He draws the audience’s eye to him and deservedly so. He loves the stage and it loves him back <3 Additionally, I have new-found appreciation for Junsu’s composition “Fallen Leaves” because hearing it live caused me to have higher esteem for this song. It’s one of those songs that sound better live than in albums and it brings out the best in each member’s voices. Perhaps Junsu’s innate understanding of the stage rendered him especially able to compose songs fit for live performances. 


Out of JYJ, I would say Junsu’s voice is the least compatible with my taste. But that is just a matter of personal preference just like how some people prefer blue over purple. However, there is no denying he deserves the accolades that Korean media had given him for being the best idol singer (it’s time they just dropped the “idol” part lol). His participation in musicals have really honed his live singing skills and he sang with emotive clarity. 

Junsu’s dancing is, as usual, perfectly executed. Loved his ad-libs and handstand during Empty Remix and he has the best hip roll XD What shocked me today was that even our dear Junsu was dancing sexily with one-on-one with some of the dancers and boy was it fun to watch <3 I think he should do it more often, didn’t he prove in Intoxication MV that a beast lurks underneath? ^////^

3. Jaejoong


Jaejoong is mysteriously alluring. In contrast with Yoochun and Junsu, JJ seems more quiet, more removed. It’s hard to describe but it feels as though he could be performing for no one or a crowd of 100 thousand and he would not alter his performance. He loves to sing, to express himself through music, no matter where or who the audience. On stage, he is the consummate professional who delivers his song and dance almost flawlessly. The overall impression I have of him from tonight’s show is that he is very clean. Not literally clean nor even the way “clean” is usually used when figuratively. I mean, he seems unaffected by the actions of others and would do his own thing; not caring so much about receiving cues from the audience so much as just doing what he thought felt right at the moment. 


Judging from fancams of previous World Tour concerts, I would say Jaejoong definitely improved in both his English and his singing volume (this is something that irked me in the past and I feel that while he could still improve in that department, I am happy with where he is at right now but of course I hope he improves further!) I adore his voice and he constantly blew me away with his richly sweet and velvety dulcet tones. His parts in In Heaven was so wholeheartedly delivered that despite not knowing the lyrics, I was able to understand what he was trying to convey. 

Jae’s dancing was good but of a different style than Yoosu’s and doesn’t draw the eye as much. His movements are slightly smaller and more languid but his style has its own charm. He definitely interacted with the female dancers tonight! There was more one-on-one close dancing during “Ayyy Girl”, “Be My Girl” remix, and of course, his solo “Still in Love”. I nearly died when during “You’re” (I think it was “You’re”) he was lifted out of the middle box and a girl dancer was on her knees in front of him TT__TT 

4. Overall

It sounds so cliche but after tonight, I have greater appreciation for JYJ. Firstly, it’s amazing that out of the 18 songs performed, majority of them were composed by one or a combination of the three members. It’s a statistic we all know but to experience it firsthand and realizing it really makes you appreciate their talent. Secondly, this was a high energy concert. With the exception of the member’s solos (and omg, am still butthurt that Untitled Song was not performed tonight!), each of the numbers required lots of dancing and concurrent singing and the boys pounded through each and every one of those performances without a hint of tiredness. It’s like running on a treadmill for 2 hours straight! But, you know, will more skills and sparkles and prettiness. 

The three of them have very unique singing voices and styles but they mend together so well–not always in harmony but in contrast, which can be equally beautiful to hear. If there’s one thing that JYJ excels at, it’s in expressing their individual styles with flair and somehow making it work with the other two members’ styles. 

Other random tidbits and I’ll just list here because it’s late and I’m tired ^^;;

a) There were lots of Jae-Chun moments when they were singing. Junsu was off in his own world, devotedly and passionately focused on delivering his music and Jae-Chun would be a little more playful and look at each other and smile while singing XD

b) Yoochun did most of the talking and JJ spoke the least. Yoochun wanted JJ to speak a little but baby was shy and shook his head and drank water from a bottle so as to keep his mouth occupied so he didn’t have to talk LOL

c) Junsu also said a few English phrases and was just lively and energetic. 

d) Loved Junsu’s ad-libs (hmm…should have added it into his “performance” paragraph but I’m writing in stream-of-consciousness mode ><)

e) White Ocean for “In Heaven” happened during “You’re”. It was confusing for everyone but it still looked cool. The White Ocean was on for that song and the remaining 3 songs, including “In Heaven”–the last song.

f) After “You’re” JYJ had a costume change (to the JYJ glittery T-shirt and jeans ensemble) and while we were waiting, nothing was happening aside from the screen showing the letters “JYJ” over and over again. So we chanted JYJ over and over for minutes until JYJ showed up. Some fans were confused and thought it was the end of the concert b/c the White Ocean already happened and it was supposed to be for the last song.

g) Empty Remix was the last song before “In Heaven” which was probably considered the encore. After Empty remix, our boys and the dancers took a bow and Yoochun thanked everyone for coming tonight and yelled “Always Keep the Faith!”

The end <3

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