According to translated reports, the drama “Ripley” (Miss Ripley) in which Yoocheon costars, opened in first place for all Monday and Tuesday dramas.  The figures show a rating of 13.2% for the start of the highly anticipated drama.

The rating is also outstanding considering the unspoken, often criticized rule of the big networks in Korea blocking Yoocheon (or any JYJ member for that matter) from appearing on any other show to promote any of their work directly to Korean audiences.

If you recall, KBS as well got into a boatload of trouble with their weasel-like behavior regarding JYJ.  Other sections of MBC, the networking airing Ripley, got into trouble for keeping Yoocheon off other variety shows on their own network.

Despite Yoocheon helping to draw viewers to MBC and the drama, he still isn’t (as of yet) allowed to appear on other MBC variety shows to talk about the drama.

Ripley beat out other dramas from the night including SBS’s Lie to Me and KBS’s Babyfaced Beauty.

Source mat.:
AGB Nielsen Media Research



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