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JYJ files case against avex for interfering with planned charity concert for quake victims

April 29, 2011 0

Looks like the Japanese company avex needs to be taught a lesson before the conclusion of JYJ’s case in Korea against SM.  According to recent reports, JYJ has filed “two cases of provisional disposition in Tokyo Regional Court” against avex for their hateful interference at keeping the trio from performing a charity concert to benefit victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.  The company who organized the charity event, ZAK Corporation, also filed a provisional disposition against avex.

Translated reports quote JYJ’s side as stating: “Avex has engaged in an unjust act in interfering with the concert to aid Japan’s damages from the earthquakes that was to be held on April 5.”

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Yoochun in the hospital with gastroenteritis, fatigue

April 27, 2011 0

Singer/Actor Park Yoochun (JYJ) has come down with gastro-enteritis and is currently resting.

An affiliate of JYJ said in a phone conversation with OSEN relayed: “Park Yoochun received treatment in the hospital on the 25th due to gastro-enteritis and from that day is resting at home. It was not a serious condition so Yoochun did not become hospitalized, but rather had treatment on that day. It seems that due to accumulation of fatigue and such, he has come down with gastro-enteritis.”

He also added: “Currently, MBC’s ‘Ripley’ has not begun to film in earnest and so there are no problems with regards to the drama’s schedule.”

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JYJ Taiwan Concert FanAccount + Photos!

April 23, 2011 0

This was my first out-of-country concert so I don’t remember much due to the excitement (T/N: this Korean fan travelled to Taiwan to see JYJ), but I will write just a few things.

1. The most moving moment was when they sang “In Heaven” in the end. The Taiwanese fans all together held up the paper that said <JYJ, Beginning Again> and cheered… in one word, it was the emotion of being moved itself actualized. T__T It was about then– that Jaejoong, as white as snow, he became reddened with tears. Jaejoong almost burst into tears. T____T Because of that it seemed that there were many fans who were also crying.
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Yoohwan likes to be compared to his bother Yoochun and wants to meet as actors one day JYJ

April 23, 2011 0

We met with actor Park Yoohwan, whose charm is his fresh youth.

During the interview, Park Yoohwan ate a couple of sandwiches for his meal and said, “I have a tomato allergy.” But when we asked him, ‘Then you can’t even eat ketchup?’ he said, “No, eating ketchup isn’t a problem.” When we asked him, ‘What happens when you eat a tomato?’ he broke the ice and aroused laughter from those around us as he said, “My face scrunches up.”

Before Park Yoohwan was known as Actor Park Yoohwan, he always had the title ‘Park Yoochun’s little brother’ placed in front of his name. Park Yoohwan actually began his career in the acting industry after tagging along to his brother’s acting class where he fell for the charm of acting in which you can ‘experience something new’ every day. He then took his first step into the industry by appearing as ‘Han Seo Woo’, a man who wants to seem more mature in front of his nephews who are older than him, in the MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.

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Is Avex’s Matsuura Lying and Misleading the Public about JYJ?

April 19, 2011 0


Has avex (Japan) CEO Matsuura lost his mind?  Honestly, the question may be going through the minds of some ‘JYJ vs SM’-observers given a recent spate of translated tweets from the avex CEO.

According to translated reports and tweets from Matsuura, avex is actively seeking to block JYJ from giving a charity concert where all proceeds will go to the devastated victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Who the hell purposely tries to stop a charity concert to benefit their own people? The answer to that question appears to be: a bunch of scared, spiteful, hateful execs who don’t want any competition for their own concert featuring artists owned by the company from which JYJ escaped and is currently suing.

Reportedly, there is an upcoming charity concert at which the SM-protected TVXQ2 (Jung and Shim) and others will perform in June.  JYJ putting on a massive concert and receiving positive press in Japan is a threat to avex, especially if JYJ happens to raise more money, or receive more press coverage for their concert.   So avex cannot allow JYJ to perform in Japan… at least not before June.

Rather than behaving like real men, putting aside their disputes and doing something positive — like what JYJ is doing — avex is apparently doing everything in their power to block/stop/sabotage any chance JYJ has to actually perform in Japan and raise money for the victims.