Yoochun in the hospital with gastroenteritis, fatigue

Singer/Actor Park Yoochun (JYJ) has come down with gastro-enteritis and is currently resting.

An affiliate of JYJ said in a phone conversation with OSEN relayed: “Park Yoochun received treatment in the hospital on the 25th due to gastro-enteritis and from that day is resting at home. It was not a serious condition so Yoochun did not become hospitalized, but rather had treatment on that day. It seems that due to accumulation of fatigue and such, he has come down with gastro-enteritis.”

He also added: “Currently, MBC’s ‘Ripley’ has not begun to film in earnest and so there are no problems with regards to the drama’s schedule.”

At the same time, there is news that Park Yoochun, who is spending busy days with the World Tour Concerts and in preparing for the drama, has rapidly shot up as a CF “blue-chip.”

Recently Park Yoochun was chosen as the model for the Iced Tea Tio of the Dongseo Food Products, Inc., and transformed into the figure in the romantic imaginations of girls—the “flower boy” student teacher — to step forward to film the first solo-CF of his life.

Park Yoochun in the ad is revealing vividly his image as an innocent attractive man and is stimulating the female heart. An affiliate said: “Park Yoochun’s effectiveness has been very high as to have the advertisement lead immediately to sales, and is surprising us. Currently I believe that many advertises have their eyes on him.” He further said: “There shouldn’t be any entertainers who distinguish themselves like this in advertisements despite having no TV appearances except for JYJ.”

Source: Chosun
Translation credits: JYJ3

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