Jaejoong Wins Twitter Shorty Award JYJ

Dude!  Jaejoong (JYJ) beat out all the international competition to win the Twitter Shorty Award in the Celebrity category.  The competition included Justin Beiber, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, and Britney Spears for the highest number of twitter votes.

Jaejoong got 5600+ votes in the Celebrity category topping Bieber’s 5100.  Also making the list were fellow group members Yoochun (10) and Junsu (11).

Congratulations to Jae on topping the list!

Very strong sales of Levay Musical Concert DVD featuring Junsu JYJ

Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert – Levay with Friends’ DVD which started selling on 14th March has easily sold 40,000 copies of the DVD within 2 weeks after the release and charting #1 in most of the sales chart.

Since the pre-order has kicked off in early March, it has been topping the charts of big online sites like Interpark, Kyobo Book and many more and thus showing the power of Kim Junsu.

And it’s not just the DVD, but the overall sales of albums too, beating sales of popular singers and charting on #3 (According to Yes24, 14~21st Weekly Chart). And, at a Japanese site by the name of HMM, the DVD topped the chart at #1 and even in countries at Asia like Thailand and China, the DVD has received much anticipation.

Director Kim Jaejoong: Aura of a Director JYJ

Male group JYJ’s KimJaejoong showed off his aura as a director that compares well to that of a professional.

Recently,  in community forums online, Pictures of Kim Jaejoong directing the  Thailand performance stage-to-be of the JYJ World Tour has been  displayed and is gathering attention.

In  the pictures, Kim Jaejoong, who is wearing comfortable clothes of jeans  and a white t-shirt, is meticulously checking the placements of the  lightings and the lines of movement of the stage.

TVXQ2 using youth and fame as excuse for why JYJ split from SM

Are the two members of tvxq2 pushing a lame excuse for why JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) had to file a lawsuit against SM?  Recent news would suggest that the two SM-protected artists are trying to blame “young age” as the reason for why JYJ finally had to speak out against SM Entertainment.

At first, SM sought to blame cosmetics company CreBeau as the reason for why JYJ filed suit.  However, since the Court has cleared CreBeau and ruled it defamatory to suggest they were the cause,  SM has switched to another excuse. 

JYJFiles documented instances where the two SM-backed members of TVXQ have blamed ‘fame at a young age’ as the reason why JYJ split from SM. Thus, putting all the blame for the entire situation on JYJ shoulders.

Both Jung Yunho or Shim Changmin are publicly behaving as if they never had any problem whatsoever with SM’s treatment.  Did they themselves ever have any criticisms against SM?  Or did JYJ simply dream up the fact that Jung and Shim, too, were unhappy with SM at one point?

According to a report by JYJFiles, the “new accusations against JYJ’s characters” have been spread by none other than the two members.  For some fans, statements made by Shim Changmin in Chosun Ilbo — the largest newspaper in South Korea — seemed to be the last straw to calling the two out for making such statements.