Very strong sales of Levay Musical Concert DVD featuring Junsu JYJ

Kim Junsu’s Musical Concert – Levay with Friends’ DVD which started selling on 14th March has easily sold 40,000 copies of the DVD within 2 weeks after the release and charting #1 in most of the sales chart.

Since the pre-order has kicked off in early March, it has been topping the charts of big online sites like Interpark, Kyobo Book and many more and thus showing the power of Kim Junsu.

And it’s not just the DVD, but the overall sales of albums too, beating sales of popular singers and charting on #3 (According to Yes24, 14~21st Weekly Chart). And, at a Japanese site by the name of HMM, the DVD topped the chart at #1 and even in countries at Asia like Thailand and China, the DVD has received much anticipation.

Concert production company, EMK Musical Company’s representative expressed, “because it’s a licenced performance, from the planning of the DVD production to pricing modification, there’s nothing that has been decided easily.” and “it’s a meaningful production that showcases the difficult genres of musical concert that can be introduced to many fans.”

This Concert DVD <Mozart!>, which contains highlight numbers from <Elisabeth> is a live recording of the concert that was held last October in Oylumpic Stadium. During the performance, musical actors, Seo BumSeok, Park EunTae, Shin YeongSuk, Jung SeonAh, Jeon DongSeok, and many more Korea’s best musical actors were involved and there were a lot of talks about German’s musical star Uwe Kröger’s involvement in this musical.

The DVD contains of jewels of a musical work with numbers from <Mozart!> musical such as ‘I am music itself’, ‘I wish to avoid my fate’, golden star’ and much more songs which was recorded along with a live instrumental accompaniment of a 38-person ochestra and thus making it all the more outstanding.

And, all the more it has received much aniticipation because the highlight numbers of Vienna musical <Elisabeth> which is making the first performance in February 2012 has been made public for the first time.

The DVD contains, the making film of the concert preparations, Kim Junsu’s single song ‘Intoxication’ Korean version being make public for the first time, song composer Szilveszter Levay composing the song ‘I missed you’ for Kim Junsu, and much more.

Source: Nate News
Translated by. inhye87 from withjyj

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