Yunho Training 10 hours a day for MJ Tribute performance

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UKnow Yunho and Michael Jackson’s Tribute Concert’s producer, Morris Pleasure had met each other in America.

In order to welcome the upcoming Michael Jackson’s Tribute Concert on 27th March & 28th March at Yongsan War Memorial of Korea, Uknow Yunho arrived in America on 5th March (America Time) and started the training.

UKnow Yunho, whom is playing the lead role of the Tribute Concert in Korea, has arrived in Las Vegas. Upon arriving, he immediately engaged in detailed discussions for the performance tracks order and contents with Morris Pleasure, the keyboard player of Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tribute Concert.

In order to have a better interpretation of Uknow Yunho’s performances on ‘Beat It’, ‘THRILLER’, ‘SMOOTH CRIMINAL’, ‘JAM’ and other Michael Jackson’s hit songs, UKnow Yunho have been going through a intensive training with the local band for more than 10 hours everyday.

This Tribute Concert is the world’s first public concert to commemorate Michael Jackson’s commemoration song, ‘This Is It’. Therefore, it has gathered more topics.

On the other hand, the joint collaboration of SBS (Organizer) and S2 Entertainment, Michael Jackson’s Korea Concert: a Tribute “BAND FROM MICHAEL JACKSON’s THIS IS IT movie and UKnow Live” will be held at Yongsan War Memorial of Korea in Seoul on 27th March and 28th March.

source: 车奉君の小脸 @ TVXQbaidubar & 中国U-KNOW允浩房
translation: sicashinki @

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