Genevieve Cleary: We’re Taking Good Care of Yunho

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At the end of this month, Yunho will help pay tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson along with the band that was scheduled to perform at the London concert shows before his death.

The slim, 6’1” Yunho is 1/5th of the Korean superstar group TVXQ and is receiving high praise from Genevieve Cleary.

Fans took a screenshot of Genevieve Cleary’s facebook page where she sends out a message to the Asian fans. She writes:

Asian Fans!  We are taking good care of Yunho!  Sorry, I can’t keep up with all the messages you have been sending me 🙂  I can see he is being loved by a LOT of people!  He is indeed a great artist and amazing dancer!

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He has been working very hard in California to prepare for the shows along with ‘This Is It’ concert producer Morris Pleasure, choreographer Genevieve Cleary and a slew of other performers who were lucky enough to be chosen by Michael Jackson for the London shows. Reports say Yunho is training 10 hours a day.

The shows are scheduled for March 27th and 28th at the Yongsan War Memorial in Seoul, South Korea.

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Genevieve Cleary’s facebook

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