Korean Fair Trade Committee Extends Voluntary Rectification Date

Although the [Korean] Fair Trade Committee has ordered that entertainment agencies rectify the unlawful contracts that violate the privacy of celebrities, the majority of entertainment agencies has ignored this order.

The Fair Trade Committee has given an extension to this order and is planning to take strict action against those who do not follow the orders by the new date.

According to the Fair Trade Committee on the 4th, 278 agencies were told to fix their contracts in October, but only 12 have submitted the results of their implementation of the FTC’s standards.


A representative of the FTC stated, “We have extended the time period of the 26th of this month, and have asked all agencies to comply to this date.
He also warned, “If agencies do not fix contracts by this date, we will order them to do so and will take immediate action against them by fining them a sum of 2% of their total sales.

Source: [hankooki+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

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