[TRANS] 101008 Fan Account – Kim Junsu Musical Concert

[TRANS] 101008 Fan Account – Kim Junsu Musical Concert


The concert last night was scheduled to begin at 8pm, but I arrived at 5. Since I got there so early, I didn’t see a lot of Korean fans. I did see a lot of Japanese fans though, they were standing nearby, buying fan merchandise and taking photos with the posters of Junsu. Everyone seemed to be really excited. More people began to show up and I stopped to chat with some of the other fans. Those who’d seen the concert the previous day raved about how wonderful it was, saying that they had to see it a second time and that they wanted to buy tickets for a few more performances. keke~

Doors opened at around 7 and the line was mostly made up of Japanese fans who had even brought their Bigeast towels along to show their support. We waited for an hour after being seated, and suddenly I heard people speaking Chinese beside me. Upon inquiry, I found out that they’d come all the way from Hong Kong. It was nice to know that there was a good number of Chinese fans around ^^

The performance began at 8:15 (the security was quite tight, so it took some time to have everybody seated). The opening was a real shocker to the audience; the performance began with Mozart. The actors were all extremely professional, but it wasn’t until Junsu appeared that the screaming began! Junsu was the same as always, as I was watching him, I felt myself being drawn into his performance and the story behind the lyrics he was singing.

Throughout the concert, the audience remained silent, since it was, after all, a musical concert. The performers were awarded with a deafening round of applause (of course, Junsu received the most applause). I was awestruck from beginning to end. Besides Mozart, Junsu also performed Elizabeth. When he walked out after changing into a different set of clothes (a modern, white outfit), his presence put everyone in a tranceā€¦

The composer Levay, who wrote a song for Junsu especially for the musical concert, also made an appearance, performing with Junsu during the second to last number. Their collaboration was amazing!

Of course, what had me most excited was the encore! The Korean version of ‘Intoxication’ sent the audience into a flurry of excitement! All the red lightsticks came on and the fans were cheering enthusiastically, it was truly a beautiful moment. Finally, Junsu and Mr Levay made their way around the stadium once to thank the audience. Everybody rushed up to the front, hoping to get closer.

All in all, the concert was a joy to both the eyes and ears. Junsu never fails to amaze me with his sincere performances, and I’m sure everyone else was as touched as I was. I’m so proud of Junsu and I wish him good luck in the performances to come. Hwaiting dear Junsu!

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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