[NEWS] JYJ Sells Out Their Seoul Showcase In 15 Minutes
JYJ is off to an amazing start! Their first showcase as a trio in Seoul sold out in just 15 minutes.
According to Interpark (an online booking website), both the 6 pm and 9pm showcases for October 12th were sold out just 15 minutes after they were available for purchase.

Employees said that “Fans inquiries were overcrowded before the tickets were available, and as soon as tickets were available, there was an unprecedented struggle for tickets.”

They are expected to show a video letter to their fans, air exclusive videos and talk about episodes that happened during the making of the album during the showcase.

JYJ’s world tour showcase “JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul” will be held at Hwaseong Tiger Dome at Korea University and part of the profits will be donated to the international non-government organization “World Vision” to help children all over the world.

Source: mtvk



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